10 best photo editing apps for Android and iPhone for free

best photo editing app

Today’s everyone is keen on photography, and everyone wants to take high quality and edited photos. Since most people use their smartphone camera for photography. So if they need better, eye-catching and perfect photos they need to edit their photos in the best photo editing apps. And then upload on social media platforms.

10 Best photo editing apps

Today we discuss the top 10 best editing apps for Android as well for iPhones absolutely free.



If we talking about the best photo editing app than Snapseed is one of the popular and best editing app. This photo editing app gives you many new and advanced features that you can’t get in other apps without buying them. Do you know many stars and actors use Snapseed for photo editing?

Snapseed has a very friendly user interface and everyone can easily use this app. One of the best feature which I like in this app that you can edit any part of a photo without editing the whole photo.

There are 29 tools and filters in this app including, healing, brush, HDR, perspective,  and structure, etc. Snapseed export your image in JPG format. One more feature in this app that gives your photo a professional look is a blurry background. You can easily blur your background easily in this app. Snapseed is also able to save your edit photo history, so you can find your previous edit photos at any time.

2- Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the best photo editing app of adobe with 100M+ Downloads. This app also includes many advanced photo editing features like heal image, add new effects, filters, borders, frames, makes a collage and much more. Adobe Photoshop Express includes plenty of amazing filters and effects.

Photoshop express

These filters are very intelligent and able to automatically correct different colors and exposure issues. After you have completed your editing you can easily share your photo directly to social media platforms. This app has a power of Photoshop CC which gives you ease and flexibility in editing. And converts your image into a high-quality professional image.


Vsco is famous due to its filters, this app was a paid app but now the app is free for everyone for last year. This app has many bast filters collections, which are better than Instagram filters. You have also the option to adjust your filters from a simple slider.

This photo editing app has its own community like Instagram, once you have edited your photo you can share it with VSCO’s community. This app has also a premium version which unlocks all its hidden features. VSCO membership starts with a free 7-days trial.

4-Prisma photo editor


In last year this Prisma app is very famous on social media platforms, everyone knows about this app. This app has 120M+ downloads. So why this app become became so popular last year? Actually Prisma photo editing app creates amazing photos effects transforming your photos into paintings.

And this app gives you many painting effects. The funniest feature in this app is this you can create your own cartoons. Prisma releases new filters and effects every day. You can online edit your photos in this app. Prisma also has an online community like Instagram and VSCO. You can fallow other users and see their creative work, and also chat with others.

Prisma does not just include filters and effects but you can also include many advanced editing options. Like you can enhance your photos adjust their exposure, sharpness, contrast, and brightness, etc.

5-PicsArt Photo Editor


Nowadays this photo editor is very famous, with 600M+ downloads. And consider as world #1 photo editing app. These tools also have many amazing effects and filters, millions of user-created stickers, and other advanced photo editing options.

This app is also available in the premium version, where you can get thousands of stickers, fonts, frames, masks and much more. One extra feature in this app is that it has its own camera like snap chat and Instagram. You can take your pictures in many amazing effects and filters.

6- Foodie


Foodie app is specially made for food images and selfies. If you like foodie life and eating on restaurants and hotels then you must install this app because this app is made for you. This app includes over 30+ food filters, including Yum, Tropical, Sweet, Fresh, BBQ, Romantic, and Crispy, etc.

This app includes its own cam, you can also make amazing videos of your dining and food. And captures perfect and balance selfies and directly share them on social networks.


visage lab

This app includes facial filters and effects, this app is specially made for face color editing. This app automatically adjusts your face beauty and this one is its best feature. Also, you can do skin makeup, skin smoothing, apply to face shining effects, remove wrinkles.

Further, you also do eye makeup, remove red-eyes effects, teeth whiting. Most people use this app to remove their pimples and spots from the image. Visage is also available in the pro version, you need to only $4.99 per month or $9.99 per year.



Instagram is one of the most popular photo editing apps and also a social media app. This one is a very fast and efficient photo editing app. Instagram photo editing is famous due to its filters. There are many new and classical filters found in this app.

Instagram also have other photo editing tools like effects, overlays, text, stickers, and much more. Instagram is famous due to its community this one is the third largest social media network. You can share your photo on the Instagram community after editing.

9-Afterlight 2

afterlight 2

This app is used for fast and straight forward editing. This app includes 59 filters, in which 27 are adjustable, 14 guest filters for Instagram users, new filter pack includes 18 new filters.

This app includes 15 adjustment tools, cropping tools, textures, stickers, frames and much more. This app is also used for framing the photos ecause Afterlight 2 has 128 frames and few frames are customizable.



Pixlr is a free photo editor for quick and amazing effects. This one is a very simple photo editing app, it doesn’t need an account just download and start editing on Pixlr.

Although this one is a simple app but this app includes many advanced editing features. Features include photo collage, presets collage, grid style, backgrounds, auto fixing option, and other facial editing tools. This app also has many cool filters and effects.









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