Instagram wants to launch his new messaging app ‘Threads’

threads app

Facebook decides to launch his new messaging app ‘Threads’ for Instagram so that users enjoy better social experience, similar to Snapchat.

threads app

Facebook which owns Instagram, now wants to launch a new companion app for Instagram, named ‘Threads’. Threads app includes some advanced social media features. Threads will enhance users social media experience by providing them some advance feature.

Threads app will allow users to directly share their location, speed and battery life along with text and photo sharing and video messages through Instagram. This app is now being tested internally on Facebook. After its successful test, I will launch officially on all platforms.

A similar project was started in 2017 on ‘Direct’, In may this ‘Direct’ project was ceased. Because the developer faced a big challenge of switching between Instagram and second app whenever they wanted to send a message. Now this time Facebook merge WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram this allows users to send messages to their friends without switching app.

Some features of Threads App

TheVerge shows some screenshots of Threads. Which shows the option of automatic sharing of data between users and their friends’ list on Instagram. Threads will update your status on a regular basis, giving latest information about your location, speed, battery life and more to your friends.

There is also an option to update your information manually. Some of its messaging features are similar to that of Instagram like massage form your friend will appear in a central feed, you can also see your friend’s story. Threads also have its own internal camera feature. This camera contains many amazing filters like Snapchat to capture your photos and videos.

Is Threads app is similar to Snapchat?

This upcoming messaging App will have some similar features to Snapchat. Some reports say that Snapchat users spend more time inside the app than the average Instagram user does. Snapchat has strong engagement feature in it. Facebook is trying to include such a strong engagement features in Threads app.

Facebook is not announcing the launch date of Thread yet. But it will be going to become a very popular social media platform.


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