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Huawei sales rate droped in 2020- the last stage of Chiense tech gaint

Huawei sales rate

Huawei sales rate dropped in 2020 up to 20% – 30% and the company faces a big loss. The sale may further drop due to the corona Virus issue.

Huawei- one of the largest phone companies in the world. Huawei sells millions of smart-phone and got highly positive reviews from users. Huawei faces many difficulties in past like US ban- due to which company face million of loss. But still, the company launch its smart-phones and got high sales.

Huawei Sales rate dropped in 2020 due to Corona virus

Corona Virus badly impact on the export of all Chinese products. Chinese smartphone giant Huawei faces great loss due to this Virus. Huawei’s shipment rate in 2019 was 240 million. But unluckily, in 2020 shipments are between 190M to 200M. Due to the Corona Virus issue, about 5,000 stores of Huawei have faces disruption.

US ban is another major reason for Huawei’s decreasing sales rates. After the US ban, Huawei smartphones have no longer Google services and people feel hesitation in buying such smartphones. Google’s services are becoming very essential needs for every person.  So, no one wants to buy such smartphones that are unable to support Google’s service. The company needs to stong its internal market and to enhance its business.

But Huawei decides to make it’s on Operating System named ‘Harmon OS‘, but it takes some time. Also, it is a very difficult thing to move all users’ data from Google services on Huawei’s new Harmony OS. This transformation requires permission from Google to access all user data and then transfer it to a new OS.

Still, the company faces these two major issues the US ban and Corona Virus. These problems highly affect the sales rate of Huawei smartphones. Due to these issues now Huawei’s ranking is going from a famous Mobiles-phones brand.


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Written by Nauman

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