Huawei has designed a new Operating system, HarmonyOS

On August 09 Huawei developer Conference was held in which they announced to launch a new operating system, HarmonyOS. This is a microkernel-based, distributed operating system.

Richard Yu sais”We felt it was important to introduce OS with improved cross-platform capabilities. We needed an OS that supports all scenarios, that can be used across a broad range of devices. And also have low cost and strong security.”

He said that HarmonyOS is completely different from Android and iOS. This operating system is based on a microkernel, that delivers a smooth experience. This operating system is light-weight and more powerful OS which run devices with very optimize speed. Huawei tells that this OS will first be used for smart devices like smartwatches, smart-speakers,in-vehicle system, smart screen, etc.

HarmonyOS features

Distributed architecture

HarmonyOs is the first-ever Operating system with a distributed architecture and virtual bus technology. Also, this OS will provide ease for app developers. With this OS app, developers won’t have to work with underlying technology for distribution apps, allowing this to focus on their main logic. HarmonyOS apps can also run on other devices.

Now app developer can easily develop apps, without much coding. The Huawei ARK compiler is the first static compiler that provides a user-friendly environment for the developers.

High-speed performance

HammonyOS will have high-performance Inter-Process Communication. Latency will reduce the latency of apps by up to 25%. Now your apps are run in a very optimize manner due to the microkernel, and make IPC performance up to five time more efficient than the existing system. This OS use distributed data management and task scheduling concepts. Also, this OS has virtual peripherals.


This OS uses microkernel which provides extra security to your devices. Harmony OS is three times more secure than Android and iOS. The microkernel provides most important services like thread scheduling and IPC. I think this is the first OS which formal verification in device Trusted Execution Environment(TEE).

HarmonyOS release date

Huawei announced that HarmonyOS 1.0 will be the first version in the smart screen products. Huawei said that they will launch this OS later this year, but doesn’t announce the exact launch date yet.

The Huawei will launch this OS as an open-source worldwide. HamemonyOS will bring amazing benefits to consumers, equipment vendors, and developers. This OS will enable developers to win over more users with less investment, and will rapidly grow its users.




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Written by Nauman

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