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Apple watch series 5 full information | latest news

Apple watch series 5
By Apple

Recently Apple designed this Apple watch series 5. This watch will be going to become the best selling smartwatch in the market because its features are really amazing.

Apple watch series 5
By Apple

Apple told that this watch is released alongside the new iPhones, which may be released in September. This watch is perfect for people who want fitness. Apple currently shows a few features of this watch. But Apple is sure that this watch is going to beat Samsung Galaxy watch Active2. According to TechRadar” The Apple Watch 5 holds the title of the best selling smartwatch.”

Apple watch series 5 release date

We don’t have more sloid information about a launch date. But we can guess, as Apple Watch 2 and Apple watch 3 both are released in the September of their respective years. So, we can expect that the company will fallow a similar suit for its next device.  There is also chance that Apple watches 5 will be launch with the upcoming iPhone which will probably be launched in September.

So there are very high chances that os watch 5 will be launch in September. But we will shortly contact Apple to get the latest information about this watch.

Apple watch series 5 Price

Its price is a little high from Apple watch 4 which is $399 for the GPS version and $429 for the large 44mm one. You can buy Apple watch os 5 small version for $499 and a large version will be available in $529. There may be chances that Apple does some changes in price, but this is the clearest indicator of how much it will cost you when it launches.

But this watch is more expensive than the new Galaxy Watch Active2 which costs $280 for 40-mm and $300 for a44-mm watch. I think this Apple Watch has more features as compare to Galaxy Active2.

Apple Watch 5 latest news

As we already mentioned that Apple doesn’t give much information about this watch. But we can get some hints from Ming-Chi Kuo (Apple analyst) report. He said that “the company may be set to introduce a “new ceramic casing design” on one model. According to Kuo report “Apple will bring more enhancement in ECG software as well as a new way to charge your watch.”

Now Apple will adopt two-way wireless charging on its next generations of iPhones. Which means that you can charge your Watch 5 by using iPhone’s battery. Another feature is included this time, Apple Watch 5 might be able to track your sleep directly without any third-party app.

This is a very active watch because very high-quality sensors are used in this. Os watch 5 will going to best coaching watch ever because it gives you very quick alerts. Including workout updates, running updates, hiking alerts, event alerts, etc. This time Apple uses the advanced running feature in this watch, which will give you very accurate results. You can see your steps per minute during your workout this may increase your efficiency and reduce injuries.


Apple Also includes Walkie-Talkie feature in this. This is a new way to have a one-on-one conversation with anyone who has a compatible Apple Watch. Apple also improved Notification features in Os watch, now you can respond right within notifications from your favorite apps. Also, Notifications from the same app are now smartly together. so you scroll less and see more.

This watch is more insightful and more delightful. You can see all the reports in-depth and enhance your performance. The Apple Watch 5 may be the first Apple Watch that comes with wifi. Also this time Apple uses microLED technology in the previous version Apple uses OLED technology.

You will also see improvement in battery life, screen size, designing, and android version. This time Apple also improve ECG software, now you are able to find exact heartbeat-rate. This device is very amazing for those who are suffering from diabetes and blood pressure issues.




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