Snapdragon 865 VS Apple A13

snapdragon 865

People think that Apple processors are better than Android’s processors. Last year a speed test was conducted by Android-Authority in which Snapdragon 855 showed similar performance to the Apple A11 processor. But if we compare the A13 processor which is present in iPhone 11, the snapdragon 855 is 25% slower than A13.


The new Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 865 launched in early December 2019, and its performance is tested using Qualcomm reference devices (QDR). QRD is a prototype phone that Qualcomm builds for testing.

Snapdragon 865 smart-phone Vs A13 iPhone

A speed test is conducted by Android-Authority, in which Snapdragon 855-based Galaxy Note 10 Plus is compare with iPhone 11 Pro Max (A13 processor phone). The results show that the Galaxy Note 10 Plus completed the CPU section of the test in 45.3 seconds, while the iPhone 11 Pro Max finished it in 40.0. So, it is concluded that the Note 10 Plus was at least five seconds behind the iPhone.

But when iPhone 11 Pro Max has compared with Snapdragon 865 based smartphone, then Snapdragon 865 shows much better performance. In fact, it completes the same test in 36.6 seconds. It means that it is 20% faster as compared to snapdragon 855, and 8% better than the A13 processor.

But still, in GPU performance, Apple A13 beats Snapdragon 865. The Snapdragon 865 finished the 3D Unity test in 16.9 seconds, while A13 finished the same test in 14.5 seconds.

The screen resolution of Snapdragon 865 based-devices is 1440 * 2880 (which is 4.1MP) whereas A13 based iPhones have 1242 * 2688 (3.3MP) resolution.


The overall performance of Snapdragon 865 is high as compared to the A13 processor. You can see very outclass featured in Snap-865, the battery timing of snap-865 smart-phones are also very high. And there are dozens of new camera-features in this new chipset. Although, A13 is also a better chipset but not much powerful than snapdragon 865.

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