Samsung Galaxy S11 comes with new Snapdragon 865

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It is confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will be a 5G variant and have a Snapdragon 865 chipset. Which is specially designed for the 5G variants? The Galaxy S10 is powered by snapdragon 855, S9 had the Snapdragon 845 and so on, the Galaxy S11 will come with 865.

Galaxy S11 is powered by Snapdragon 865

Galaxy S11 is able to capture 8K videos, because of Snapdragon 865, this processor is capable of processing 2 gigapixels per second. This new Qualcomm chip is more powerful, you can use 200MP camera-phone with this chip.

The gaming experience is also enhanced in the Galaxy S11 because of Adreno 650 GPU. Desktop forward rendering brings desktop quality lighting and post-processing effects. Now you are able you enjoy more enhance graphics in your games with this new 865 chipset. This new chipset supports 144Hz display refresh rates.

Galaxy S11 will be expected to be launch at the of February. Some rumors suggest that the new Galaxy S11 will launch on 18 Feb. There aren’t any rumors yet for the price, but it is confirmed that this phone will be more than $1K+. Because if you see the Samsung previous model ‘Galaxy S10 Plus’ cost, it is $999. So this time the price of S11 will be more than $999.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 performance, specs and details

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