New iPhones will be come without charging ports in 2021

New iPhones will be come without charging ports in 2021

The next era is the era of wireless technology, every wire communication source will become wireless. And this is going to be a very crazy thing. Recently a rumor suggests that Apple iPhones in 2021 won’t have a charging port. And also there is no port for plug-in headphones.

It means that the phone will charge wirelessly or there is some other way to charge the battery phone. Some rumor suggests that Apple will force shift charging technology wirelessly. Still, there are some phones which have wireless charging technologies but those phones also have charging port.

There is a charging pad for wireless charging phones, so you just put your phone on a charging pad instead of plugging a charging cable it in. The wireless charging, particularly on the iPhone, is not so easy. Apple will use the Qi standard for wireless charging.

Wireless charging vs wire charging

The power rating on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, is only 7.5W. opposed to double that, 15-watts. It means that the iPhone would take at least twice as long to load wirelessly.

Now point is that which charging method is best, easy and fast. In wireless charging, you just drop your phone onto the charging dock and things get to work without having to plug anything to your phone. I think this easier than the traditional wired charging method.

You are able to charge multiple smartphones simultaneously instead of taking all kinds of cables with you. Wireless charging provides a safer way to transfer power to your phone, which avoids putting your personal safety and data at risk. There is no chance of connection failure and electric shocks in wireless charging.

Although wireless charging technology has many advantages, it is slower than wired charging. And there is a chance that wireless charge can make your phone overheat which may be harmful to your battery. Wireless chargers waste more power and those power will be in the form of heat, and heat will translate to more wear and tear on the battery.

So we hope that when Apple launch this feature in its iPhones than there will be no such disadvantages in their wireless systems.

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