The new Google Assistant comes with more interesting commands

New google assistant

Google is now working to make Google Assistant more intelligent, and try to enhance integration between Assistant and the Chrome browser. Now you are able to control your all browser setting and browser activities with your voice commands in new Google Assistant.

The new Assistant’s performance will be faster, when you say something to Assistant it quickly picks your command and rapidly shows results. Now with the power of upgraded Google Assistant, Google Chrome becomes a more powerful browser in the world.

According to the Android Police report, “The Chromium Gerrit shows the company’s working on enabling what it’s calling ‘direct actions’ in chrome browser. These include new commands that you can give the Assitant to handle different functions in the chrome browser.”

Some new Google Assistant commands

  • Reload
  • Go forward
  • Go back
  • Bookmark this page
  • Open history
  • Open preference
  • Open help
  • Open a new tab
  • Close this tab
  • Close all tabs

These are not the final set of commands, Google is still working to add more command. At the moment, the ‘open help’ and ‘open preferences’ commands don’t work correctly.

How to enable these commands

To enable these commands, you need to have the new Assistant, and you must need to enable the ‘Direct actions’ flag in chrome. These new commands are only for the English language and working on selected devices in a few countries.

To enable the ‘Direct actions’, open the chrome browser and type in ‘chrome://flags/‘ in the URL bar. After opening the tab search for ‘Direct actions’ and enable it. Now you can use Google Assistant to control your Google Chrome functions with these commands.

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