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3 best laser keyboards in 2020

3 best laser keyboards in 2020

What is a laser keyboard?

This is a virtual keyboard or laser keyboard, in the form of projection. When a user touches the virtual projection key, the device records the corresponding keystroke. Laser keyboards are sometimes also called projection keyboards.

This projection keyboard is specially designed for the people who face difficulty in typing on mobile touchPad. These keyboards are also connected to your desktops via Bluetooth. You can use the keyboards during traveling or when you have no space to spare on your laptop.

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These virtual keyboards usually work right on smooth and flat surfaces. The projection of keyboards is produced by a small box. You can easily carry this small box in your bag as compare to large Bluetooth or wire keyboards.  Today we will discuss the best three projection keyboards that are available on amazon.

3 Best laser keyboards

3- Lamaston Mini Laser Keyboard

Lampton mini is a highly efficient laser keyboard, one thing in like in this is its small size. This projection keyboard has a very beautiful design. Limestone is wireless and ultra-portable as well. This keyboard works on high efficient Lithium-ion chargeable battery.

The keyboard usually comes up with QWERTY English. You can connect this keyboard to your smart-phones, iPhones, iPad, tablets, desktop, Pcs, etc. It usually works on those mobile devices which have at least Android version 3.1. You can use this keyboard both in the office and at home.

2- Brookstone Laser Projection Keyboard

Brookstone is a red laser projection virtual keyboard. This one is a branded projection keyboard, and it has a very high demand in the market. People like this because of its projection, its projection light is very sharp, bright and clear as compared to other projection keyboards.

Also, this keyboard has a high wireless range. This keyboard also comes up with a high-quality rechargeable Lithium battery. This projection virtual keyboard has a very beautiful design and is ultra-portable. Its projection keys are not more sensitive as compare to others one, this allows you to type as much faster speed even is you are using this keyboard during walking.

1- Celluon EPIC Full-Size Ultra-Portable laser keyboard

This keyboard is a bit large as compare to others one, but this one is an efficient and good looking device. The Celluon virtual laser keyboard works all smartphones and devices operates under Android 4+, IOS4+, Window XP and above windows. Its battery life is quite well, it has a Polymer Lithium-ion battery, provides 660 mAH for a total of 3.7V.

One good option in this laser projection keyboard is this, you can easily adjust the sensitivity, sounds, display, brightness, etc this functionality is not found in other keyboards.

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Written by Nauman

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