Amazing fact | Do you know the net worth of Aliexpress?

Amazing fact | Do you know the net worth of Aliexpress?

I think everyone has heard about this company: Aliexpress, do you know the net worth of Aliexpress? It is the king of all online shopping companies(e-commerce site) after Amazon.

Aliexpress owner

Aliexpress is a Chinese multinational conglomerate holding company specializing in e-commerce(online shopping). This company provides every single thing which is used in life, like clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, toys, and daily use products. And one thing which is good in Aliexpress is that it shipped his products all around the world.

owner of Aliexpress

Aliexpress is a member of the Alibaba group which is found on 4 April 1999, by the hard works of Jack Ma. And later Aliexpress is formed in 2010. His main headquarter is in Zhejiang, China. According to an estimate, over 101,958 employees are working in this company. So you can guess what a great company this is.

Aliexpress Rank on Internet

Do you know that there are billions of websites on the internet and the everyday number of websites increases? And there are over 23 million e-commerce sites. Among these billion sites, Ailexpress is on number 35, and it is king of all e-commerce sites after Amazon. It is most visited in Russia and was the 10th most popular site in Brazil.

Do you know how many people visited Aliexpress daily? Aliexpress has a variety of stuff and has the best quality products. And also Aliexpress have full-time customer support. Even if you can not get your product due to some reasons, Aliexpress easily refund your money. Or either if there is some fault in the product(which is possible in rare cases) then also there is a policy of Aliexpress that they will refund you money. So, that’s why people trusted on Aliexpress and always buy their useable products from Aliexpress.

Monthly visits on this site are over 200 million worldwide. And its buyer exceeds 150 million. This buyer report is published in 2018, now it has over 200 million buyers. This all is due to the good customer support of Aliexpress.

Net worth of Aliexpress

Do you know how much revenue is generated by this company and the net worth of Aliexpress? so its quite huge. In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019, Chinese e-commerce corporation Alibaba recorded consolidated revenues of 376.8 billion yuan. This translated to approximately $54.5 billion. And the net worth of this monster property is $300 billion. This is more than enough.

This is all due to the hard work of Jack Ma and his team. As I already mentioned the customer support this company is really outclassed. I personly buy things from Aliexpress. Although their delivery time is a bit slow because they supply their products around the world, but they have perfect products.



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