Facebook introduced “Quiet Mode” so you can Pause Notifications

Facebook Quite Mode

Facebook recognizes that it is important to take a break from social media not just for spending some time with family or productivity, but also for mental health. Because of this, it’s added a new”Quiet Mode” timer to help curb your time on the Facebook app. Allowing Quiet Mode will mute notifications for the time you define.

If you try to open the program during Quiet Mode, then you’ll be reminded that you’re still in Silent Mode with a shortcut to handle its settings. We could not locate the new option anywhere on Android, but it may perhaps be accessible on the iOS version of the app already.

There’s no doubt that many online services are visiting their own capacities extended to their limits. Netflix, TikTok, and sometimes even YouTube have already decreased their default flow quality in an effort to compensate for extra traffic. In addition, Facebook has indeed struggled with keeping its lights on. Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp (all owned by Facebook) have seen increased use as individuals use their communications attributes to remain in touch with loved ones.

As a reminder, you can always utilize Digital Wellbeing on Android or even Screentime on iOS to set daily time limits for apps you spend a great deal of time on. With more of us working from home, it’s easy to get distracted if we don’t keep tabs.

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Written by Nauman

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