Microsoft’s new surfaces comes up with AMD and Qualcomm

Microsoft's new surfaces

Microsoft’s new Surfaces is coming up this year by partnering with AMD and Qualcomm. Microsoft has announced two surfaces; Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro X. And one interesting thing on both laptops is that both laptops don’t have any intel processor. The processor of these new surfaces are co-engineered by Qualcomm and AMD, and in think, this one is a major change in Microsoft surfaces.

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Surface Laptop 3 & Surface Laptop X processors

So if we talk about Surface Laptop 3 it has a new Ryzen Surface Edition processor in 15-inches models. Although  13-inches surface laptop 3 processors are still powered by intel. And Surface Pro X is coming up with an SQ1 processor co-engineered with Qualcomm. This one is a more powerful processor than all surface processors.

The new SQ1 processor is made for better CPU and GPU performance over a regular Snapdragon 8cx. “The new SQ1 is made for better CPU performance, it is an octa-core processor, and it has the first and fastest ever Kryo CPU at 3GHz.” According to Davuluri (Microsoft analyst).

This processor significantly enhances battery life and gives extra optimize performance. The GPU performance itself is 2.1 teraflops, which is off-course good for such type of devices. This processor is very good for web-browsing, different workloads like artificial intelligence or machine learning tasks, and multitasking.

Microsoft is mainly focused on GPU performance in surface Laptop 3. The new Ryzen chip in Surface 3 is designed to run at 15 watts. which scales up to between 20 and 25 watts. Microsoft wants to make a faster, cheaper processor and add additional graphics core on the 12nmn Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 in new Surfaces. According to Microsoft, “We spent thousands of hours not just optimizing the GPU and CPU, but also whole system performance, pen, touch, memory bandwidth, drivers, graphics.”

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