How we can change our iPhone from light to dark theme automatically

dark mode

Apple specially designs this dark mode for people who use their smartphone at night. Actually, when you turn own dark mode it automatically reduces blue light which is harmful to your eyes. The Dark mode not only saves your eyes from the bright background but also increase your battery life. You can change light mode to dark mode by going to the control center or settings each and every time. But you can now you can also change your iPhone from light to night mode automatically.

 change iPhone from light mode to dark mode automatically

Previously you can change your light mode to dark mode by going to system settings each time you want. But now in iOS 13, this light mode is automatically changed to night mode with respect to daylight and darkness. It means at daylight your iPhone will shift towards brighter themes and at night it will automatically shift towards night themes. This is a quite awesome feature, but this only applies to those devices which support iOS 13.


  • For this purpose firstly you must have iOS 13 on your device.
  • Go to Settings
  • Under appearance enable automatic settings
  • You can also set an appearance schedule by clicking on the options button.
  • You can choose from sunset to sunrise. This will automatically change your theme by using your live location.

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Written by Nauman

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