iOS 13 release date and full information

ios 13

Finally, Apple plans to introduce his new iOS version iOS 13. This iOS will probably launch next week. iOS 13 will launch one day before the launch date of the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro.

iOS 13 includes many new features, especially it includes new dark mode feature, it inverts those bright white-screen backgrounds with more lack and dark gray hues, this mode is specially designed for people who use their phone at night. This mode gives more relaxing effects to your eyes because blue lights reduce in this mode.

iOS 13
The dark mode is very no more harmful for your eyes

iOS 13 features

Now let’s discuss more new features of iOS 13. New iOS brings a lot of changes in in-camera features. It gives you the option to change the intensity of light in portrait mode. Also, add some monochromatic effects in portrait mode, which is a really exciting thing. This iOS also enhance the iPhone camera app interface by adding a new quick path swipe keyboard. This is the new and more powerful way to edit your photos and videos. Apple also adds new ultra-wide mode and special night mode in this iOS.

ios 13
Easily connect to your Apple smart devices

New iOS brings a special app for you. Apple combines Find my friend and Find my iPhone in this iOS and make one app. This app is very faster to locate your friend’s phone, any missing gadgets and more Apple products. This iOS also makes your old iPhone faster with more powerful boosting software. Battery life also extended in iOS 13.

The photo gallery also changes this time, becoming what Apple called “a diary of your life”, with new and more zoom in and out and pinch controls. Photos editing feature is also enhance give you more amazing filters and much more. Apple also includes more Memoji, available with every style, now its easier to convey your feelings with new Memojis.

This time apple also introduce “Apple account sign in” option, like the Samsung account. This thing is helping full in the protection of your device. Apple also enhances its map app, adding more details in it. Now you can see full details of roads, streets, parks, homes, building etc with 3D 360 degree experience. This iOS also supports the Xbox One and PS4 controller.

iOS 13 release date

This iOS will be released on September 19. Apple has announced this date on Monday in its new iPhone event. But iOS 13 public beta is still out there.

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