Snapchat owner is happy with increasing revenue of 2019

shapchat owner

Snapchat owner Evan is an American businessman. And his app Snapchat is very popular in the social media world. According to an estimate in 2018, 9 million people rushed to sign up to Snapchat


Snapchat is a vanishing messaging app, in recent months to see what their faces might look like if they were a baby, using it’s new, amazing filters.

It has a special kind of camera, and when you tap on your face it converts it into a new look. It has hundreds of stickers, there is a Bitmoji for every mood, and a Friendmoji for every friendship. With Snapchat, the world is your canvas and you have got a lot of tools in your toolbox.

Snapchat owner’s revenue 2K17 & 2k18

The ephemeral-messaging app Snapcha announced its fourth-quarter earnings on Feb 2017. Snapchat faces a loss of $350 million for the quarter, on $286 million in revenue. It was a poor start for this messaging app.
Snap announced in November that it planned to redesign its app, but the result is the same this quarter the cost of its expenses is $646 million and generates $286 million in revenue.

These results are particularly painful for the Snapchat owner. The company suffered a high senior executive turn over amid infighting, which results in some disturbance in the Snapchat app and raises fears of an exodus of users to Instagram. And the company faces loss

But in 2018 Snap has no loss and it generates a revenue of $188 million in Q2 of 2018 but when it’s Q3 report published its revenue is fallen from $188 to $186 million. This slip in revenue is still facing fallout from its ill-fated redesign that it rolled out earlier this year.

Snapchat owner’s revenue in 2019

And finally, after a long time, the makes a bigger revenue and face no loss. On Tuesday after Los Angeles- based company announced amazing second-quarter results, Snap generated a revenue of $388 million, and the company added the record of 13 million users in the quarter, the majority were due to its photo filters features. And this result was much better than the previous results.

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