Use Careem bot to book ride via WhatsApp in Iraq

careem bot

Careem bot has just enabled in Iraq to book Careem rides via WhatsApp. And this Careem bot is based on Artificial intelligence.This is significant and more beneficial because of several reasons.

  • Ride-hailing is a new concept that is used in many parts of the world, especially in Iraq. But WhatsApp usage is so high about 80 percent of people use WhatsApp in Iraq. So, by Careem bot people now easily books ride, and it also provides an alternative to those people who are not familiar with the ride-hailing app. It enables Careem to bring improved mobility to millions of people.
  • As Iraq is a low-bandwidth country so internet connectivity is optimal. So, booking via WhatsApp uses less mobile data. And this is the more viable and fast way to book Careem ride in Iraq.
  • Firstly those peoples can use Careem service, which has registered phone numbers. But due to this Careem bot non-registered users can also use career service. Careem estimates that the amount of WhatsApp users within Iraqi cities in which Careem operates is around 3.94 million. So it is really beneficial for Careem business and as well for peoples.

How to use Careem bot

It is very simple to use. First of all, a customer sends any message to Careem bot via WhatsApp (at +964 783 334 44440) and bot checks that either phone number is registered or not. If it’s not, a WhatsApp message with a link is sent from where you can book your ride.

And if the person is already registered, Careem asked to share their location using the “send location” button in WhatsApp. And when a user shares the location it asks the user to choose the desired car, then this creates a booking through WhatsApp as opposed to having to book through the Careem app.

Careem bot


Careem bot is able to identify the language of the user and respond in English and Arabic depending on the initial communication. More languages are added in the future.

And once the user ride is booked, the message showing that the captain is on the way, and shows details of the car number, color, model, etc. And at the end-user can also give a rating to captain via WhatsApp.

Careem contact

You can contact Careem help center and ask any question here



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