Can faceApp access to our private data?

Can faceApp access to our private data?

In these days an app has become more famous on social media internet. What is this app? can it hack your data? Is this app is a Conspiracy of enemies to gather data? a lot of questions is rises in the brain related to this faceApp.

What is a face app?

Faceapp uses artificial intelligence to add filters to a user’s image and show their older age face, and also able to make user young. It can also add smilies, beard, and hairs to selfies. Its some of the features are free to rest are paid. It is available on android and iOS.

Privacy risk in faceApp

This app is now number one on 121 countries on the iOS app store and is a very expensive app in its full version. This app is launched by a Russian start-up in 2017. But now it has raised some of the privacy concerns as well with fears that the user’s data was being sent to Russian servers. And claim that it was able to access the user’s entire photo gallery on the phone.

FaceApp uses the content uploaded by users especially images of those people who agree to its terms and services. FaceApp’s terms and services ask the user for ‘perpetual’ royalty-free worldwide license to use their image. This means any image uploaded by a user can be used by the company for promotional purposes anywhere anytime in the world. And a person may not even know about this.

FaceApp response

FaceApp has said that it does not upload all images from the user’s gallery to its servers, it only adds those photos which are chosen by a user for editing.

The company also denied sharing user data to any third-party servers. But there is a point, that faceApp said that photos are stored in Google cloud which they use as well. And they said that they delete photos from their servers within 48 hours, but there is no clarity on whether photos are deleted from Google cloud or not.

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