3 amazing Google Maps tricks you should try

Google Maps tricks and tips

Sometimes you visit someplace and suddenly you lose your connection and can’t find any parking area or lose signal. But now updated Google Maps brings some special hidden tricks. These Google Maps tricks are really helpful for you.

You can save your location and can get directions to place you frequently visit. You can get plenty of information about any restaurants, hotels, and different places, these features are common. But do you know that you can use Google Maps offline? You can include stops and can get a more accurate destination, and also you can find some parking areas?

How to use Google Maps offline?

If you have a doubt that you can lose your signals and lose your map, then don’t worry. Google Maps also allows you to use it offline by downloading your route ahead of time. This feature is very important if you visit some hilly area or someplace outside of the city. Use these steps to download your map.

  • First, you need to enter your destination.
  • Tap the name of the place at the bottom.
  • From the upper right corner tap the three dots.
  • Tap download map offline.
  • After downloading the map you can see it offline.

How to add stops for a more accurate destination?

If you don’t include stops than you can reach late to your destination. Google Maps allows you to add stops to get more accurate destination time.

  • Add your destination in Google Maps.
  • Tap Direction.
  • From the top right corner tap three dots.
  • Tap add stops and add your desired stops.
  • After doing this you will get a more accurate time of your destination.

How to find a parking area for your car?

Now Google Maps lets you find parking areas for your car. This feature is very important, especially when going to huge events and such places where there is more traffic.

  • Enter your desired destination in Google Maps.
  • Tap Direction.
  • You will see a P icon next to the estimated time. Tap P to get a location, if is P is blue it means that there is plenty of space to park your car. And P is red it means that there is limited space for parking.
  • Find parking.
  • Select a parking area by selecting one of the options and Tap add parking.


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