Best iOS 16 features & here’s how you can try them out

Apple’s iOS 16 and watch OS 9 has rolled out for all the eligible devices. The iOS 16 update is around 3GB in size for iPhone users. The latest version of the iOS 16 comes with a plethora of new features. Check out the features and their application below.

1. Customizing Lock Screen

The Lockscreen has been given a major overhaul in iOS 16. Apple has introduced various customization options using which one can personalize their Lockscreen. You can choose between custom colors, pick a specific font for time, choose a different wallpaper, use emojis as background, and also select widgets to edit your lock screen.

To customize your lock screen, just unlock your iPhone, long press on the Lockscreen, and tap on the plus button to create a new lock screen. Choose the wallpaper you want and tap on ‘Add widgets’ to select whatever widgets you want. Tap on the time to select a different font in a different color. With iOS 16, you can create multiple lock screens and easily swap between them just like you swap between apple watch faces. Just long press on the lock screen and swipe through the collection you have created, changing them any time you want to.

After you have created your lock screen, you can link your existing Focus modes or create a new Focus mode to use in partnership with your custom lock screen. Long press on the lock screen again, tap customize, and then on your chosen lock screen, tap Focus to select and apply the mode you want to link with that lock screen.

3. Focus Filters

Under Focus mode, you can set up Focus Filters that can filter and display select information from the apps like calendar, mail, and more. For example, if you only want to view your work information, you can set up a focused mode with a work filter so that you will see only the work calendar, work tabs, and work emails in that mode.

To set up a Focus Filter, open up the settings app, select a focus mode, scroll down and choose the add filter option. From here one can customize one’s focus mode to meet their needs. These filters will get even more advanced over time.

4. Medication Tracking

In today’s day and age, there are many of us who are dealing with health issues and need regular medication to keep our BP, Sugar levels, thyroid, and more in check. In such a scenario, iOS 16 comes with the ability to track your medication within the health app. This feature will let you add all your medications and vitamins that you need to take and will send you notifications so that you take them on time.

To use this feature, open the Health app and tap over to browse and select the medications interface. Manually add medicines or you can scan your pill bottles and choose a custom low look for each one.

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5. New Message Features

You can now edit an iMessage in iOS 16 for up to 15 minutes after the message has been sent. This can be done as long as you are communicating with other iMessage users who are also on iOS 16. Some other features that have been added are undoing a sent message, marking a message as unread, recovering deleted messages, and more. Editing and unsending messages have time limitations and can’t be used with those who have Android devices.

The share play feature is also available in messages so you can watch TV shows, and movies or use apps with friends while you chat using the messages.

6. Pinning Tabs

App Safari and iOS 16 support the ability to pin tabs so if there is something that is very important and frequently used by you, you can pin it so it can’t be deleted over time. If you accidentally delete a group of tabs but want to keep that one, you just have to long-press the URL bar and choose the pin tab option. If you use group tabs, you can customize a start page for each and everyone allowing for different favorite wallpapers. Frequently visited sites and more open up a tab group and you can scroll down to the bottom to get to the edit button where you can customize your home pages.

7. Lifting Subject from Background

One of the craziest new features is the ability to long press on a subject and pull it right out of an image and either drag it and drop it into another app or copy and paste it into another app. The subject will get separated from the background, just like in editing apps, but in an easier way. You won’t have to use a tool to highlight the subject, but just a long press on your iPhone and drag and drop or copy-paste.

8. Merging Duplicate photos

If you have a whole lot of duplicate photos on your iPhone, iOS 16 can detect them and clean them up very easily. Just wait for some time after installing iOS 16 and your device will scan through the photos and detect all that can be merged, saving space and managing the clutter.

Similarly, if you have duplicated contacts ruining your contact list, that can also be easily fixed by iOS 16. If you have more than one contact card for the same person in the app, iOS 16 will automatically detect this and let you know that multiples are found and then you can clear them from your contact list.

10. Safety Check

The iOS 16 settings have a new safety check feature that makes it simple for users to reset all of the data and location access that has been granted to people and apps. It aims at people in domestic or intimate partner violence situations but provides a safer option for all users.

11. Merging FaceTime calls

This is one feature that ios users were eagerly waiting for. iOS 16 now allows you to take face time calls on your iPhone and hand it off to different devices like a Mac or an iPad calls and video chats can be transferred seamlessly as well. If you are a FaceTime user and you want to swap from one device to another, it will automatically recognize you and at the top of the screen, you will see a switch that you can use to swap from an iMac to another device.

So, these are some unique and refreshing features that Apple has introduced in iOS 16. Which ones excite you the most? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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