Children love playing games on tablets and smartphones, and they can learn easily from these sources. No doubt, children also learn some bad things from these sources. So, children learn many good things if educational apps install on their tablets or smartphones. In this article, We will show you 20 best apps for kids that increase your’s child mental and educational level. Basically these apps are educational apps for your kids.

20 Best apps for kids

So here is a list of top 20 best apps for kids, You must try out some of them. In these 20 kid’s app, some apps are paid and some are free.

1- ABC Kids (Tracing & Phonics)

ABS kids are a free and simple educational app that helps your child learn phonics and trace letters of the alphabets. This app includes a series of tracing games to help kids recognize letter shapes and associate them with phonic sounds. At the end of each level, it includes exercise for the practice of kids. Your kids can easily learn the English alphabet by following the arrows with their fingers. In spite of this, if a child completes its exercise he will get stickers and toys.

abs kids


2- Epic (Reading App for Kids)

Epic is the best reading and educational app for kids. This offering access to over 35,000 learning and educational book for kids, learning videos and quizzes and much more. This app comes with a one-month free trial, then you must pay $8/month.  You can cancel your subscription anytime, no fee will be charged on subscription cancelation.

epic kids app

The epic library contains a wide variety of books: Picture books, chapter books, storybooks, educational books, audiobooks, novels, and much more.


3- Math Kids (Add, Subtract, Count, and Learn)

Math kids are a free learning and educational app for kids which is designed to teach children numbers and mathematics. It offers free mini-games that toddlers and pre-K kids will love to play. In first grade, this app allows your kids to learn numbers, and then in next grads, they learn addition and subtraction. Children will also win

math kids

stickers and gifts if they complete their grade and puzzles. The app also offers your child to learn addition by counting objects. Math kids are absolutely free educational and learning app for your kids.


4- Elmo Loves 123s (Best counting app)

If your kids if under 3 years than this Elmo Loves 123s is the best app for that help your child to learn and count numbers from 1 to 20. Also, this app features, do simple addition and subtraction. Not just that, this app also comes with trace number exercises, puzzles, and coloring pages. In this app everyone’s favorite character Elmo and Abby Cadabby guides kids to learning maths. This app has songs and videos about numbers. You need to pay $5 for this app.

elmo lovers


5- The very Hungry Caterpillar Play School (Best app for kids in preschool)

Hungry Caterpillar Play School aims to develop the important and basic skills of your young growing kids. This app has five amazing features for kids- they can learn shapes, colors, alphabet, numbers, book-reading, and puzzles. One good thing in this app is that this app contains high-quality 3d graphics characters having bright colors. This app also supports songs and videos to deepen your child’s learning.

This app is free to download, but after that, you need to pay $6/month or $50/year ad your subscription.

The very Hungry Caterpillar Play School


6- Youtube Kids

This youtube is specially design for kids, this youtube is completely safe and offers educational snd entertainment content for children. You child can learn anything from this, also it offers different kids shows, music, poem and much more. If Parents found any type of adult content, they can easily block that video or can also block the whole channel. This app is absolutely free to use, simple to handle, and contains kids and family-friendly videos.

youtube kids



7- Stack the states 2 (Best app for kids in elementary school)

Stack the states 2 is the best app for your child that helps to increase the general knowledge of your kid. Child is able to learn states, capitals, cities, shapes, landmarks, flags and much more. Each right answer increases the stack that leads you to the winning point. You can unlock a new state after successfully completing your previous level. Stack the states 2 contains good quality 3D graphics and unique designing for the fun of your kids.

stack the states


8- NSF Science zone

This app is designed by the National Science Foundation, to help children as well as adults to discover advance science, engineering, and nature by videos and images. This app offers hundreds of exciting videos and high-resolution photos with deep relaxing sounds. The amazing 360-degree view allows children to explore 3D images from every angle.

science 360


9- Kids Brain Trainer (Best pre-school learning app)

Kids Brain is one of the best pre-school learning apps, this app offers a lot of different educational activities. With this app, your kid is able to match an image to its shadow, find the odd image in a collection of images, match images to its families and much more fun. This app has 144 knowledge that provides games that develop your child’s basic concept and increase its knowledge. This app also strengthens your child’s visual attention, short term memory, and vocabulary.

kids rain trainer



10- Kids Educational Puzzles Free (Best pre-school learning app)

Kids Educational Puzzles is another free educational app for kids. This app is available in 7 different languages: English, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, German, French, and Spanish. This game features 36 colorful puzzles, alphabets from A-Z, numbers from 0-10, animals and birds name with sounds, vegetable and fruits name,24 vehicle name with images, and 10 color names.

kids educational puzzels


11- Starfall ABCs (Best App for Kids Learning the Alphabets)

This is another best learning app for kids, that allows your child to learn letters, vowels, and words. Starfall ABCs is a free educational app that also includes the sound of alphabet, sentences, and games. You can also use this app in its upgrade version is $35/year. But the free version is still impressive.

starfall ABCs


12- ClassDojo (Virtual classroom learning app)

ClassDojo is the best virtual classroom learning app that helps parents, teachers, and students to interact with each other. Teachers and parents are also able to share photos, videos, and announcements. And students are also able to submit their classwork easily to their own portfolios. With the help of this app, parents remain updated with the progress of their child.



13- khan Academy Kids (Free educational Apps & Games)

Khan Academy is one of the most famous online educational platforms in the world. Now they also make an educational app for kids name Khan Academy Kids. This offers thousands of educational activities, books, songs, and games for kids. Children are able to learn reading, writing, maths, problem-solving skills, and much more. This app also includes learning games like drawing, storytelling, and coloring. And the good news is, that this app is completely free and also you don’t need any kind of subscription. And developers of this app regularly adding new content to keep kids engaged.

khan academy kids


14- Swift Playgrounds (Best app for programing)

Swift Playground is developed for elder children, this app is developed by Apple to learn and experiment with programming languages You can learn basic coding language by puzzles, targeted lessons, and different visuals. And this app is also free you don’t need to pay any subscription. But this app is only available on the Apple app store.

swift playground


15- Nick Jr (Best kids TV shows app)

This app contains videos from all of Nick Jr’s shows, kids can watch full episodes of all shows. Nick Jr also offers educational games, so along with TV shows, kids can also play games. This app is completely free but to unlock all features and episodes you need to enter your cable provider information.

nick jr



16- Reading Eggs ( Best reading learning app)

Reading Eggs is one of the best learning apps for kids. Over 10 million children worldwide learn reading from this app. Reading Eggs featured different reading games, reading lessons, fun activities, and over 2,000 digital storybooks. This app also contains the phonics sound of alphabets, vocabulary, and comprehension. The subscription charges include $10/month for a first child, 2nd, 3rd $ 4th child charges will be $5/month.

Reading Eggs



17- Hopster (Pre School kids learning games & safe TV)

Hopster is an award-winning preschool kid learning app. This app features best TV shows & educational games, different preschool books and fun music. This app is completely ad-free, and the content of the app is updated regularly. Hopster contains a free one month trial, the price of the subscription will vary depending on the plan selected and region.

18- Goodness Shape (Best App for Pre-Schoolers)

Goodness shapes introduce your child to shapes, colors, sorting, and matching. This is endless fun that keeps your children engaged, and entertained. This app is only available on iOS, you need to pay only $2 for this app. This app doesn’t need any wifi and its free form third-party advertising.

goodness shapes


19- Colors & Shapes (Kids learn color and shape)

This is another shape recognizing app for a child, with shapes recognition child can also learn about colors. This features basic tracing, matching, and puzzles. Kids can also do the painting by simply filling objects and shapes. This app is easy to use and provides amazing fun to kids.

Reading Eggs


20- Coloring Games (Best painting app for kids)

Coloring Game is a free app that provides a complete coloring book for your kid. This app is filled with different drawing and painting tools that help kids to make interesting art. Coloring Games features different fun modes including paint by numbers, colors by numbers and cooling modes. This app is complete ads-free and doesn’t need any kind of subscription.

coloring games



These are few amazing and best apps for kids, you must install the few of them. We make this list after getting deep detail. Your child can learn free education at home and learn some new and basic skills which are very essential for such growing children.

















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