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How to enable dark mode for twitter on Android, iOS, and desktop

dark mode for twitter on desktop

The dark mode is spreading rapidly in many apps. The feature first came in iOS 13, after that this feature is also available in new Android versions. Now you can also enable dark mode separately for many daily use apps, like Instagram, messenger, facebook. etc. Now, this feature is also available for Twitter, and you can easily turn on dark mode for twitter.

This dark mode helps to enjoy a better twitter scrolling experience at night. When you use your mobile especially at night you fells some penetration in your eyes, this is due to blue light. This blue light is very harmful to your eyes, to avoid this you must use dark mode, this mode reduces blue light up to 95%.

According to Techradar, Twitter is one of the first social media platforms to develop an optimized dark mode.

Enable dark mode for twitter on Pc & Desktops

You can only enable dark for twitter mode in PCs if you are using the latest version of your chrome, firefox, or Edge. There are three easy steps to enable dark for twitter on PCs.

  • First, open twitter and go to ‘more’.
  • After this, click on ‘Display’ which is at the bottom.
  • Choose the option ‘Dim’ or ‘Light out’. If you are in a deep dark then you must select the ‘light out’ option.

Enable dark mode for twitter on Android and iOS

In Android and iOS twitter also gives you two types of dark mode, like in desktop. Follow these steps to enable dark mode.

  • First, go to ‘settings’.
  • Scrolls down to ‘Display and Sound’.
  • And simply tap ‘dark mode’.

In some Android devices ‘Lights out’ mode is not available but it is available to all iOS users. If it doesn’t appear in the menu don’t worry. Just open the apps form the settings and go to Twitter, tap it and select ‘force to stop’, then clear the apps’ data. After doing this re-launch the twitter and lights out option should now be available.

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