5 best features of iOS 13.1 you need to try out

best features of ios 13.1

iOS 13.1 brings many new and exciting features along with itself. Especially new dark mode features which are really amazing features. This feature is designed for those people who commonly use their smartphones at night, and this one is my favorite feature.

Now a new update of iOS 13 came. Which include more new and amazing features. You can simply update your software by going to setting > General > Software update, and that’s it your software is updated. This iOS 13.1 update appears to be more stable and bug-free than initial iOS 13. Here are the top 5 new features of iOS 13.1.

5 Best features of iOS 13.1

Here are the top 5 new features of iOS 13.1.

1- Improve browsing experience

This new version of iOS brings many improvements in the browsing experience. Apple brings more flexibility and adds more new features in the Safari browser. Also enhance the cache of its browser, which provides you ultra-fast browsing speed.

2- Maps improvement

Apple also improves its map and navigations options. Now users can easily navigate a place and also share the location as well as the estimated time of arrival with his contacts. This Apple map is now become more intelligent, in case of any delay during travel, Apple map will automatically send a message to the contact. And reset the time and letting them know that you are running late.

3- Apple music app improvement

Apple also improves its music app, and now this Apple music app has a lyrics view as well. Instead of simple screen, the app display lyrics in a karaoke-like stream.

4- Shorcuts automation

One of the amazing features in this update is a shortcut app. Now creating a shortcut has become easy. You can also set shortcuts on automation, which run automatically instead of triggering them manually when certain conditions are met.

5- Wallpapers

Apple also adds different beautiful wallpapers in iOS 13.1 update. Now you have more options to choose your favorite HD wallpaper.




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