How to enable dark mode on chrome?

dark mode on chrome

After the dark mode of iOS 13 and Android Instagram, now you can also enable dark mode on chrome. This new dark mode feature is available only in chrome 78 which forcibly enables a dark theme for any website either it supports or not.

This dark mode only changes the background theme, not the font colors, but reduces the brightness of the font. This mode has no effects on your eyes it protects your eyes from harmful blue lights. Also, this mode extends your battery life. This dark mode is very cool for night laptop or mobile users.

How to enable dark mode on chrome?

For enabling dark mode on chrome firstly you must enable chrome flag, this will show all of chrome hidden features.

Steps to enable flag;

  • Go to flag address by paste this chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark in your chrome browser.
  • After opening this you can see many options there but don’t worry. Go to search and search for ‘Dark mode’.
  • Then it will show you ‘Security interstitials dark mode’. Change this ‘Enabled’ from ‘default’.
  • After doing this click on ‘relaunch now’ from the bottom.

How to enable dark mode from PC settings?

  • Open settings from your start menu.
  • Click on Personalization. Click on Colors.
  • Under more options, there is ‘change your default app mode’, from this select ‘Dark’.


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