Features of new window 10 update November 2019

new window 10 update

New window 10 updates are coming soon in next month, this update will also be known as window 10 version 1909. And this will be smallest and quickest update which includes many new and amazing features.

This new update includes performance enhancements, different enterprise features, and quality enhancements, and includes more themes and wallpapers. This new window 10 update includes more intelligent and online features, which is really amazing for you.

Features of new window 10 update

Online searching in file explorer

Now you easily search anything in your device as well as in your OneDrive account. Whenever you type in the search box it will give you a drop-down list with suggested files. In the previous window 10 updates, you searching files take a bit more time, but here in this update, you can search fastly with online searching power.

New voice assistant

In the previous update of window 10 you can use Cortana now Microsoft will allow other voice assistants like Amazon Alexa to run on window 10. Now you can talk to your assistant even if you are on the lock screen.

New Calendar update

Now you can create calendar events instead of form your taskbar, and add your desired event name, timing, and location. In the last update, there is no option for creating events but this option is available in Google calendar.

Performance improvement

This time Microsoft also focuses on battery life improvements and better scheduling of CPU, and low latency. This new window 10 update lets your device to reduce the linking latency based on the hardware capability. This provides you with a very optimize the user experience.

Notification Management enhancements

In this notification update, you can now see the notifications images or banners. This is quite helpful for busy window 10 uses. Now you have the option to reduce the sound of notification also you can disable the sound. You can make changes in notifications sounds by going to settings > system > Notification & Action pane. You also have an option to disable sound separately for each app.

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