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Crunchyroll on Samsung TV: Ultimate Installation Guide and FAQs


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to install Crunchyroll on Samsung TV, enabling you to seamlessly stream your favorite anime and Asian content on the big screen. In this article, we’ll walk you through five methods to install Crunchyroll on your Samsung TV, ensuring you never miss a moment of captivating storytelling. Our step-by-step instructions will empower you to access Crunchyroll’s vast library of anime, while our FAQs section will address common queries to enhance your viewing experience.

Crunchyroll on Samsung TV

Method 1 – Installing Crunchyroll from the Samsung Smart Hub: In this method, we’ll guide you through the straightforward process of installing the Crunchyroll app from the Samsung Smart Hub.

  1. Navigate to the Smart Hub: On your Samsung TV remote, press the “Smart Hub” button to open the Smart Hub interface.
  2. Search for Crunchyroll: Using the remote’s directional buttons, navigate to the “Apps” section and search for “Crunchyroll” in the search bar.
  3. Install Crunchyroll: Once you locate the Crunchyroll app, select it and press the “Install” button.
  4. Launch Crunchyroll: After the installation is complete, return to the Smart Hub, find the Crunchyroll app, and launch it to enjoy a wide range of anime content.

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Method 2 – Using Samsung Apps Store: In this section, we’ll show you how to download and install the Crunchyroll app from the Samsung Apps Store.

  1. Access Samsung Apps Store: Navigate to the Samsung Apps Store from the Smart Hub.
  2. Search for Crunchyroll: Use the search functionality within the Apps Store to find the Crunchyroll app.
  3. Install and Launch: Once you locate the app, click on “Install” and wait for the installation process to finish. Then, launch the app to start your anime journey.

Method 3 – Screen Mirroring with Mobile Devices: Screen mirroring provides another convenient method to enjoy Crunchyroll content on your Samsung TV. Here’s how:

  1. Enable Screen Mirroring: On your Samsung TV, go to the “Settings” menu and activate the screen mirroring function.
  2. Connect Your Device: On your mobile device, enable screen mirroring and connect it to your Samsung TV.
  3. Open Crunchyroll: Once connected, open the Crunchyroll app on your mobile device. The content will be mirrored on your TV screen.

Method 4 – Using HDMI Cable and Laptop: Utilizing an HDMI cable and laptop is a reliable way to stream Crunchyroll on your Samsung TV:

  1. Connect HDMI Cable: Plug one end of the HDMI cable into your laptop and the other end into your Samsung TV.
  2. Select HDMI Input: On your TV remote, select the HDMI input to which your laptop is connected.
  3. Stream Crunchyroll: Open your laptop, launch the web browser, visit the Crunchyroll website, and start streaming. The content will be displayed on your TV.

Method 5 – Using Casting Devices: Casting devices like Chromecast offer an efficient way to enjoy Crunchyroll on your Samsung TV:

  1. Set Up Casting Device: Set up your casting device and connect it to your Samsung TV.
  2. Cast Crunchyroll: Using your mobile device, cast the Crunchyroll app to your TV through the casting device.

Conclusion: Congratulations! You’re now equipped with five effective methods to install Crunchyroll on your Samsung TV. Whether you prefer native apps, screen mirroring, HDMI connections, or casting devices, you have options that suit your preferences. Enjoy an extensive collection of anime and Asian content right from the comfort of your living room.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Is Crunchyroll available for free on Samsung TV?

A1: While Crunchyroll offers some content for free, a premium subscription provides ad-free viewing and access to the entire library.

Q2: Can I watch simulcasts on Crunchyroll via these methods?

A2: Yes, these methods allow you to access Crunchyroll’s simulcast content, so you won’t miss out on the latest episodes.

Q3: Are there any compatibility issues with older Samsung TV models?

A3: Most methods are compatible with a wide range of Samsung TV models. However, some older models might have limitations on certain features like screen mirroring.

Q4: Does casting affect video quality?

A4: Casting quality depends on your network speed and the casting device used. In general, a stable network connection ensures a smooth streaming experience.

Q5: Can I use these methods on other smart TVs?

A5: While these methods are tailored for Samsung TVs, similar techniques can be applied to other smart TVs, though the interface and steps might vary.

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In Summary: By following our comprehensive guide, you can now enjoy Crunchyroll’s captivating anime and Asian content on your Samsung TV using various installation methods. Choose the method that best suits your preferences and equipment, and dive into a world of exciting storytelling and entertainment. Happy streaming!

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Written by Nauman

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