WhatsApp will no longer work if you do not Accept to the New Terms

According to the latest WhatsApp update, if you do not accept its updated terms and privacy policy, the app will behave in a specific way. Interestingly, the news was released by the social media giant on its official website.

Initially, the application will offer you a continuous reminder to accept its new terms and privacy policies. However, After a few weeks, users will continue to receive permanent reminders. Once you begin receiving this notification, the application will switch into a limited functionality mode where you are unable to view your chat history. Despite this, you will still be able to receive incoming calls and reply to texts through notifications.

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After a few weeks, you will no longer receive calls and texts.

WhatsApp has not announced when these specific events will occur, only giving vague time frames for each stage of the app that may differ for different users.

After May 15th, users still have the option to accept the new policy, or if they do not accept the new policy, they will gradually lose app functionality in the weeks following.
WhatsApp has assured that the app will not be deleted, however, the app will become useless if you refuse to comply.

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