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Everyone is looking for the best and cheap camera phones to capture the world around them. Now there are many options available to buy these low budget camera phones. But many people became confused about their choice, if you want to buy such cheap camera phones then you have come to the right place.

In our research, good quality camera phones must have the quality of greatly improved photos, including image stabilization, brightness adjustment, optical zooming quality, and some other factor. We make a list of the five best budget camera phones, which includes not only a good camera quality but also comes with amazing features and has better performance.

Top 5 Cheap Camera Phones

So here is a complete details list of top 5 cheap camera phones, after reading this article you will be able to decide which smartphones from this list are a better choice for you.

1- Redmi Note 8 Pro

Redmi Note series is one of the best camera phone series available in cheap price. Redmi Note 8 Pro is considered to be the best camera phone in Redmi mobile’s market, and of course, this piece has an amazing quad-camera setup. Redmi Note comes with 64MP main camera (f/1.9), 8MP wide-angle (f/2.2), 2MP macro lens (f/2.4), and 2MP depth sensor (f/2.4). This phone gives you high quality and bright image which contain high details.


One more good thing is that the colors aren’t oversaturated and comes out in quite natural looking. With 64MP you can capture amazing shots under low light situations, night mode nicely drops highlights while bumping the dark spots without overdoing it.

Not just that it also features a 20MP front/selfie camera with f/2.0. The front camera works very well under low light conditions. This phone will be available only at $279.

redmi note 8 pro redmi camera

2- Huawei Honor 9

Huawei Honor series is also considered the best camera phone series. Huawei Honor 9 comes with a dual-lens camera with 20MP (f/2.2) black and white sensor and a 12MP color sensor (f/2.2). The best thing about Honor 9 is that it can record 4k videos in 30fps with stereo sound, and Full HD videos at 60fps. so it gives some professional look to your’s videos. And a lite shortcoming of honor 9 camera is its optical image stabilization which not only affects your photos but also affects your videos.

If we talk about images the quality of the images of Huawei Honor 9 is also very amazing it offers you 2x Hybrid zoom, with the black and white lens it takes impressive sharp and detailed 20MP images. You will get an 8MP (f/2.0) front/selfie camera which also records videos in 30fps. This smartphone is available only at $358.

honor 9 honor 9 camera

3- Huawei Honor 9X

Another Huawei Honor series model Honor 9x is also one of the best camera phones and this phone is cheaper as compared to Honor 9. The phones come with 48MP main camera (f/1.8), 8MP super wide-angle (f/2.4), and 2MP depth sensor (f/2.4). Honor 9X is one of the most beautiful phones in honor series, with metal glass shiny design. Honor capture amazing photos with a better level of sharpness and color saturation.

Honor 9x camera modes are comprehensive as compared to other phones. In addition to the normal photo, video, portrait modes, there’s an extended exposure night mode, an Aperture mode so you can refocus subjects, Light painting Pro mode- this mode support an ISO of up to 3200, and shutter speed and many more.

The image quality remains natural with this smartphone and night shots are also better. Honor 9x offers a 16MP (f/2.2) pop-up camera with AI video saturation. This smartphone will be available only at $250.

honor 9x honor 9x camera

4- Realme 5 Pro 

Realme brand is another more spreading brand after Xiaomi. Realme smartphones also come with a high-quality camera and these smartphones are very cheap as compare to other smartphones with such specifications. Realme 5 Pro comes with quad-camera setup- 48MP Main lens (f/1.8), 8MP Ultra-wide lens (f/2.2), 2MP macro lens (f/2.4), and 2MP depth sensor (f/2.4). Realme 5 Pro is the best for both daylight shooting and low-light photography. The wide-angle photos are also very cool it can capture 119-deg ultra-wide photos. The cameras give you full details and the noise level is also pretty low, the color is bright and looks natural.

In Realme 5 Pro there is a Chroma boost toggle that enhances saturation slightly. You can capture 4K videos under very outclass stability, I really like its stability level. The phone comes with a 16MP f/2.0 selfie camera, you can capture super detailed and sharp selfies. This camera will keep the ISO level in balance under strong lighting conditions. This smartphone will be available at $249 only.

Realme 5s is the best camera phone at a very cheap price


realme 5 Pro camera

5- Huawei P30 Lite

This is another Huawei Budget-friendly best camera phone. P30 Lite comes with 48MP main camera (f/1.8), 8MP ultrawide lens (17mm), and 2MP depth sensor (f/2.4). This phone has also outclassed image quality, it supports Night mode as well. But the images are not so much sharp as compare to other smartphones mention above. But is can perfectly adjust ISO level in different lighting conditions. Sometimes it captures a little oversaturated photos. The selfie camera is 24MP (f/2.0) which is quite cool, it can capture wide selfies. The front camera is good for Snapchat and Instagram users. Huawei P30 Lite will be available in $250.

huawei p30 lite camera p30 lite


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