WhatsApp active users hits 2 billion limit

WhatsApp daily active users

One of the most popular messaging and video-calling app ‘WhatsApp’ now becoming the most famous app around the world. The company recently announced that WhatsApp’s daily active users reached 2 billion. WhatsApp’s updates bring amazing and latest features for its users so users can enjoy fully free fun. And a good point is- WhatsApp is totally ads free app, and it doesn’t charge and free from its users. The app is easy to use and every single person can easily use this app. WhatsApp active users increasing very rapidly.

WhatsApp active users

In the beginning, when Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 this messaging app claimed 450 million users. In 2016 this app got more fame and hit more than 1 billion users. Now, this app reaches 2 billion active users.WhatsApp brings the most amazing features in its recent updates- among them the ‘dark mode‘ feature is on the top, and another most famous feature is ‘animated stickers‘ feature.

After facebook owns this messaging app- the app grows better and better day by day, and its daily active users are also increasing very rapidly.WhatsApp CEO, Will Cathcart in an interview with the Wall Street Journal told that they hit 2 billion active users from 1.5 billion users. He also said that WhatsApp comes under pressure from the US government to create ways for law enforcement to circumvent encryption.


It is clear that After every two years there is an increase in 500M new users.

WhatsApp said in its blog that we care about the security of our users. And now we provide end-to-end encryption to its customers to almost all regions of the world. Not only the US but many other country’s governments including Uk, and Australia put pressure on WhatsApp to provide encryption backdoors.WhatsApp is one of the apps which became more popular without any marketing especially in developing countries where can and texts rate are very high.


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Written by Nauman

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