Google just launch 3 apps to prevent screen addiction

screen addiction

Many people in the world are very addictive to their phone or tablet screens. They can’t leave their phones from their hands and after every few seconds, they constantly check their screens for no genuine reason. This screen addiction is very dangerous for them, you can’t set your mind on other activities and you may meet a serious loss.

According to the survey, Excessive use of smartphones could develop digital amnesia which means that the user’s memory could get weak on a serious note. To avoid such serious disease Google has launch 3 more helpful applications under the tag of “experiments with Google“, collection over the play store. The major objective of these apps is to control the use of smartphones.

3 Apps to prevent screen addiction

1- Envelope

Envelope temporarily transforms your phone into a simpler device, helping you to take a break away from your digital world. This app will convert your device basic mode and you are only able to make and receive calls helping you focus on what’s in front of you. Now you are able to keep balance with your phones or tablets.


2- Screen stopwatch

Screen stopwatch gives the idea to users how much time they have spent making use of their smartphones on a per-day basis. Last year google launch same app named ‘Unlock Clock’, this app show users how many time he/she unlocks its phone.

screen stopwatch

3- Activity Bubbles

With Activity Bubbles you can judge your phone usage, each unlock creates a new bubble and the longer you stay on your phone the bigger the bubbles grow.

activity bubble

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