New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip all Rumors and Leaks

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

After Samsung Galaxy Fold the next Samsung fold smartphone will be Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. This flagship is revealed during the meeting CES 2020. But it seems that the company will reveal everything about this Flip phone in its next event.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip release date and price

Firstly the company decides to call this device as ‘Galaxy Fold 2‘. Then in the CES 2019 meeting, it was decided to call this device as Samsung Galaxy Bloom. But a tweet leak by ‘Ice Universe’ suggest that this device will be named as Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

galaxy z

This name shows that the company wants to start a series of its Foldable smartphones with codename Z.  A tweet shows some specs and release date about the device. According to Tipster Max Weinbach, the company will announce the Galaxy Z Flip at its next event on 11 February. And its expected price is in the mid-US$1,000 range.

On the other hand, Korea Herald told in her tweet that the device will come in at $845. But one thing confirms that this device will be cheaper than Samsung’s first foldable device, which costs nearly $2,000 which is hard to buy. It is expected that this foldable device will be launch soon.


Samsung galaxy z flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Specs

Tipster Mas Weinbach shared some specs and features in his series of tweets. This tweet shows details about display, design, cameras and performance features of the second Samsung’s foldable phone.


galaxy bloom

The Galaxy Z Flip includes a Dynamic OLED display made of ultra-thin Glass with a crease at the folding point, this device will come with a vertical folding design. The company wants this design will help them to reach their target market. The screen will be 6.7-inch and fold in a verticle way.

galaxy fold 2fold

These leak pictures show many facts, that the new Galaxy Z Flip includes a center hole-punch selfie camera and a tiny display near the dual rear-facing cameras that are visible when the device is closed. The hinge is visible, and the bezels are raised it has the same type of cape on the hinge as the Galaxy Fold.

The device includes USB type-C charging port and speakers grilling is present at the bottom. But we can’t see any headphones port on the device. This time the company upgrades the screen and adds extra protection with a plastic layer to prevent scratching. Some rumors suggest that this device will come in two variant colors- black and purple. The device will also come with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Galaxy Z Flip Camera details

galaxy fold 2 camera

Max Weinbach told in his tweet that the new Galaxy Z Flip will feature a dual 12MP primary camera setup- one wide and one ultra-wide sensor. This means that now we couldn’t expect an 8K video recording feature. But we expect that the camera support 4k/60fps recording and night mode.

galaxy fold

Other features

This galaxy foldable phone is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 SoC. The storage may be 256GB but we haven’t heard any word of its RAM. A tweet of Agarwal shows that the battery could come in at 3500mAh, but I think this is not much powerful but good news is that it supports 15W charging support, as well as wireless charging.

It is also expected that this new device will come in Samsung’s latest One UI 2.1 atop Android 10. One more interesting feature in this device is that it can link the display at a 90-degree angle.

Samsung Galaxy bloom

Apart from other features, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will also have a second display upfront. Max Weinbach in his tweet told that the second display could be 0.1-inch but later on, he corrects his mistake and says it will possibly be 1-inch. This display will show time and charging status pf phone and double up as a viewfinder for the primary rear camera so you can take selfies with it.

galaxy z flip screen

These above features show that the new Samsung Galaxy Z flip is just similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10e but the major difference is Flip which is not available in Galaxy S10e.

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