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Fossil Hybrid HR full Details and price

Fossil Hybrid HR full Details and price

The new Fossil Hybrid HR is a very unique and beautiful fitness smart-watch. The watch comes with a useful e-link display. Hybrid HR is designed for those people who want fitness. Although this smart-watch has more amazing features you can’t compare it with the Apple smart-watches.

Fossil Hybrid HR features

Display and Design

The Hybrid HR has a beautiful 1.06-inches always on e-link display with a stainless steel case. The company uses an e-link display because this type of display doesn’t use much battery. The watch has a non-touchable screen and has interchangeable 22mm straps.

Hybrid HR looks like a digital watch but it certainly has analog watch elements, like physical watch hands and number marking around the bezel. The smart-watches with E-link display have very low refresh rates, which sometimes cause hang problem for a few minutes.

Hybrid HR

The company is not calling it e-link, the company calls it “read-out” display. E-link display has its own pros and cons, but Fossil Hybrid HR has a very beautiful e-link display. Remember Hybrid Hr is not a touchscreen watch you can function will take place via the pushers on the right side of the dial.

Functions & Features

This watch has limited features as compared to other fitness smartwatches. Main features are

  • Smartphone notification system
  • Multiple time zone
  • Compatible with Android 5.0+/iOS 10.0+
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • silent alarm

The best thing in this watch is that you can assign your own choice function to side buttons. The watch shows your previous night’s sleep, your daily walk steps, your calories burned, heart rate, weather, calendar, etc.

The watch has only one fixed layout and you must stay on it, you can’t change the layouts of this watch like other smart-watches. The notification system in this watch is outclassed. You can accept or decline calls, see the notifications from multiple apps like Gmail, Instagram, Hangouts, and much more.

According to Android Authority, the heartbeat tracking and steps testing the accuracy of Fossil Hybrid HR are high as compare to Fitbit Versa 2 and Garmin Forerunner 245 Music. But it couldn’t give you more accurate distance metrics because there is no built-in GPS in this smart-watch.


You can buy Fossil Hybrid HR from and Amazon for $195. This watch is cheaper than the Fossil Gen 5 Wear smart-watch.



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