New Apple cheapest iPad 10.2 full details

iPad 10.2

The brand new Apple iPad 10.2 is a cheap one iPad with a larger screen, smart keyboard, and extra Ram. This iPad gives a very impressive performance after iPad 9.7. And this 10.2-inches iPad is largest from every Apple iPad.

This new device includes many new features; like a new smart keyboard (which can sell separately and quite expensive), no syncing or charging needed. The RAM is also upgraded this time, but the iPad 10.2 gives you a thick bezel display which is not found in the previous one.

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iPad 10.2 Details

Design & Display

This iPad has a very beautiful design, it is quite the same in design with its previous models. It comes in three colors: Gold, Silver, and Gray. This new iPad has very bright colors because this time Apple made this device from 100% recycled aluminum. iPad 10.2 has a larger display so it has greater weight as compare to its previous models.

iPad Air has quite the same design but iPad Air has thin-bezel design and has lighter weight. One thing I like about this iPad is its smart keyboard, its very beautiful and slim. This keyboard is a stain and water-resistant keyboard. You can detach this keyboard form your iPad and can sell it separately it’s very expensive.

This iPad is largest display iPad ever made at a very cheap price, gives you an extra-large 10.2-inches display. And display has full HD resolution, colorful and supports Apple pencil. You can really enjoy movies, games, videos on this large display iPad.


This iPad gives to very impressive and optimize performance. This 7th Gen iPad has a new iOS version iOS 13. Apple also increases its RAM from 2GB to 3GB. This time Apple uses A10 chip, which gives you very fast performance. This A10 chip is found in iPhone 7 and iPod touch 7th Gen. The iPad is found in two models, one with 32GB storage and others have 128GB internal storage.

Cameras & battery

iPad 10.2 is not so good for photography, but we can use it’s for fun AR gaming. It has an 8MP rear that is quite good for capturing photos and videos. And has a 1.2MP selfie camera. Actually the cameras are made for AR gaming.

The battery of this new iPad is the same as the iPad 9.7. It will give you the 10-hour of web-browsing and video playback. But one bad thing in its battery is that it comes up with a 12W charger, and it takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge your battery.

iPad 10.2 Price

This new Apple iPad is cheap as compare to its previous models, and also gives you a large screen display. iPad 10.2 price start at $329 for its 32GB version, and $429 for its 128GB version.

If you are using it for an educational and business purpose then you need to buy a 128GB version. And if you buy it just for entertainment and live streamings and games than you can buy 32GB.



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