How to Boost Gaming performance on your Android phone

How to Boost Gaming performance on your Android phone

There is nothing quite as frustrating as experiencing a lag during a gaming session on your Android smartphone. It is not surprising that gaming hours have increased worldwide since people started quarantining because what better way to spend time indoors than with your favourite gaming device? This is often the case with Android smartphones, and if the download statistics for PUBG Mobile alone are any indication, people take mobile gaming very seriously.

Yes, the need to improve the performance of Android games has increased with the number of hours spent gaming on Android. The good news is that you can tweak a few settings here and there to optimize your Android Phone for gaming.

Here are five easy ways to improve your Android gaming experience.

1. Upgrade to a fast Internet connection

This may seem like a painfully obvious step, but if you are serious about enhancing the performance of your gaming application on your smartphone, this is a must-do.

Your Internet connection speed impacts your gaming performance if you are playing online games on your Android phone. This is due to the fact that in order for your game to function, it continually sends and receives data. If your Internet connection is slow, data transfer takes a longer time. As a result, your gaming experience is negatively affected.

In order to ensure that your online games run as smoothly and without lag as your offline games, you should consider using a fast Internet connection when playing your games.

This can be done using any connection that is fast enough. You can use a Wi-Fi network or a decent mobile data connection.

2. Adjust the refresh rate of the screen.

One important rule of thumb: the higher the screen refresh rate, the better the gaming experience. It is because your games will have a more engaging visual experience, with silky smooth animations.

The screen refresh rate of an Android device cannot be altered on all devices. Although some flagship models from companies like Samsung and OnePlus are equipped with this feature, you only have to set the screen refresh rate to the highest possible value that your device offers.

The following steps will help you determine if your phone supports screen refresh rate (and enhance it if it does):

  1. Go to Settings and select Display.
  2. On the next screen, select Advanced.
  3. Tap the Refresh rate option.
  4. For the smoothest possible gaming experience, select the highest possible refresh rate.

Obviously, higher refresh rates decrease your phone’s battery life, but you have to give up some in order to gain some, right?

3. Clean up your Mobile device.

Your phone will become slower the more files you store on it.

To improve the performance of your phone, you must delete any files you do not intend to use any more from your phone. This enhanced performance will positively affect your gaming experience.

Android phones collect junk content from a wide range of sources. Uninstalled applications’ leftovers, old media files, and unused documents all constitute this junk.

In fact, Android phones are equipped with a built-in feature that allows the user to locate the unused files and safely delete them from the phone. Here is how to use this feature:

  1. Go to Settings -> Device care and select Storage.
  2. By deleting unused data, such as rarely used apps and unnecessary files, you can increase your storage space.
  3. Select the files and documents you wish to delete and click the Delete icon.

4. Make use of a game booster app.

It is true; there are apps available that can enhance your gaming performance.

There are several game booster apps that allow you to tweak different settings on your phone in order to ensure it can play games smoothly. They will also disable notifications so you will not be interrupted while you are playing. You do not need to manually adjust each option as the app takes care of that for you.

Game Booster is one of the most popular options available, which is a free game optimization app that will make your Android phone more game-friendly.

5. Get a Gaming Accessory for your phone.

Besides the software, you can also make changes to the hardware to enhance the gaming experience on your Android device.

Like as, you can purchase an external game controller to play games on your phone. The external controller will allow you to control your movements in your games better.

That’s it! If your primary gaming device is an Android smartphone, the tips above will greatly enhance your gaming experience. These simple tweaks are sure to bring a noticeable increase in the quality of your gaming experience next time around.

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Written by Nauman

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