How to start freelancing in Pakistan and earn money in 2020

How to start freelancing in Pakistan and earn money in 2020

Everyone wants to earn money by staying at home, and this dream is now easily become true with Freelancing. Today we not only show how to start freelancing in Pakistan but also mention some high-ranking Freelancing websites on which you can do work and earn a lot of money.

Firstly, freelancing in Pakistan is a very low level and only a few people knew about this. Now, the ranking of Pakistan in the Freelancing world increases more rapidly because many welfare programs give free knowledge to students that how to earn money online. Pakistani freelancer does very hard work and earns thousands of dollars in just a month.

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What actually Freelancing is?

If you want to become a professional Freelancer then you must understand what actually we do in freelancing. “Freelancing is a self-employed job in which you can earn money by offer different services” Let suppose you have a skill of Graphic Designing and now you choose the best platform (websites or social platforms) to deliver your services to customers and get money from them.

This work needs a proper strategy and different techniques to get orders from customers when you use these techniques to can get more orders and hence get more money. One of the major techniques to win a project is your communication with your client.

3 important things to do Freelancing in Pakistan

Freelancing is a very amazing adventure you may need some difficulties but it is Guarantee that after facing these barriers and you will become a successful freelancer. Now just follow these steps and start freelancing from now.

1- Learn a skill first

Your first job is to learn some skills because the journey of Freelancing is difficult or even impossible. If you have some skill you can easily do freelancing and earn money. There are hundreds of skills, you don’t need to pay to learn this skill. You can earn every single skill in free of cost from youtube, from the different course sites. Luckily, the Government of Pakistan offers a free skill learning platform ‘Digiskill’, which not only gives to skills but after a complete skill training course you can get a training certificate.


2- Choose the best freelancing platform

Learning skills may take 1-3  months or less than this time. After learning a skill now its time to join some better platform to provide services to your customers and earn money from them. I know, you are now much motivated for freelancing.

There are many different freelancing groups on Facebook you can take to start from these groups. But remember to keep away from spamming groups. We mention some groups join those groups and start freelancing now. Customers post more than hundreds of posts daily in these groups, you need to suddenly reply to that post and get your project from a customer.


Freelancing group on Facebook

After doing some work on these groups and earn some money you will be now able to earn money on international platforms and start your professional freelancing career.

3- Broad thinking view

Once you enter into the Freelancing world you need to think like a brand and motivate your self. You should deal with your client in a professional manner so that he/she become satisfied with your work, and maybe your client will hire you on a regular basis.

Top Websites for Freelancing in Pakistan

1- Fiverr


After getting some experience from Freelancing groups on Facebook you can now start with Fiverr. Fiverr is a well-freelancing platform for beginners as well as an expert can also use this platform. The services of Fiverr are very wide including writing jobs, programming, graphic designing, artists, marketing jobs and more. Fiverr is the most use of the platform in the Freelancing world.

Visit:  Fiverr

2- Upwork

I have full command on your skill and you need to do professional work then this platform is best for you. You can earn a lot of money from this platform. Upwork is a combination of two big freelancing platforms ‘’ and ‘’. Upwork is the second bid freelancing platform. I personally start my freelancing career from Upwork. This platform gives you professional customers.


3- Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the oldest platforms. Freelancer has recently acquired the two big giants ‘V-work and ‘Scriptlance’ and now it is a wide platform. This website is also very cool for beginners, you can easily signup and make your account. After Fiver I recommend new freelancers to start your career on this platform.

4- PeoplePerHour


If you want to earn money by per hour rates then this site is best for you. PeoplePerHour helps people to start and grow their business in a very simple way. These sites offer services like writing, web development, designing, marketing, programming, and more.



Guru is another professional platform that enables a freelancer to show their skills and services and gives appropriate jobs. About 1.5 million people work on this Guru and earn a lot of money by providing different services. This website gives you a very simple interface you can easily use this and easily create your portfolio to start earning.

6- Toptal


Toptal is an American based company for experienced software developers. If you are professional in Software development then I highly recommend Toptal to you. This company connects different businesses with software engineers, designers, developers, coders, and business consultants.

7- 99designs


If you are a graphic designer and confident to deliver high-quality work to your client then this platform very special for you. 99designs connects more than one million talented graphic designers. After every 1.5 seconds, a new project is added to this website.

8- Nexxt


Nexxt is another freelancing network where the talented freelancer works and earn a lot of money. Nexxt is a 20-year-old platform, with a strong background as a fast-paced company that consistently strives to foster growth and innovation. You can easily signup here and start your freelancing career.

9- iFreelance


If you can offer services in accounting, administration, marketing, programming, and designing then iFreelance is the best platform for you. You can simply create your profile here, and advertise your portfolio. Moreover, you can bid on different projects which are suitable for your skills. But I recommend it for an expert freelancer, also you must purchase one of freelance membership to bid on projects.

10- TaskRabbit


TaskRabbit is also an American online marketplace where you can offer your services and earn money. You can offer different services include cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work. Over 60,000 independent workers use TaskRabbit and earn from it.

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Written by Nauman

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