New Galaxy Fold 2 or Galaxy Bloom leaks, news and release date

galaxy fold 2

Samsung’s next foldable smartphone under codename “Bloom”, will be launching soon. The company decides to call Galaxy fold 2 as “Galaxy Bloom”. As Samsung Galaxy fold faces many delays because of its difficult architecture and design, the new Samsung Galaxy 2 may also face some difficulties. But this smartphone will be a charming device for those who are the lovers of cutting-edge smartphones, no matter what it will costs.

According to Techradar, the new Galaxy Fold 2 leaked image showing a very different design to the original Galaxy Fold. In the last CES meeting, the company will reveal some facts and leaks about the new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

Samsung Galaxy Foldable 2 leaks and Rumors

The below information is leaked during a secret meeting at CES 2020. And this device is totally different from the new Galaxy Fold. Galaxy Bloom Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) rather plastic screen. Due to UTG, the phone price will increase.

Rumors suggest that the phone will have a 6.7-inch screen that folds across the horizontal axis. Some leaks about its camera suggest that it might have a 108MP camera with 5X optical zoom. The front camera will be 10MP, and the phone is powered by a Snapdragon 855 chipset. The chipset would support the lower price theory.

Some rumors show that the company will launch the two Foldable devices, one of which is said to be the “clamshell-like-device”, and others might have fold vertically.

A more enduring design

The reason behind the delay of the previous Galaxy fold is its durability, the company is more focusing on its design than its performance. But still, these foldable devices are more fragile than a standard phone.

Now the company does everything to make the Fold 2 more durable and tougher. So due to its difficult durability, its cost factor increases.

Minimize crease

The creasing is a big problem in Galaxy Fold. You can’t expect such irritating things in such expensive phones. We hope that Samsung will do a better job to minimize crease when the screen is open.

Powerful fast-charging battery

As these phones have two display so they required high power as compared to normal phones. The Galaxy Fold has a 4,380mAh battery which is fairly large but isn’t meet the standers of such a smartphone. So we expect approximately 5,000mAh battery from the new Galaxy Fold 2.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 release date and price

Price is one of the most important factors in every smartphone. The rumors suggest that the new Galaxy Fold 2 will be at least $1,500. This one is not the fixed price but the phone will be sell round about this cost. The rumors about the release date suggest that the phone will launch in the first half of 2020. However, some leaks tell that it could be launch in April. In comparison to the original Fold which is $1,980, the new Galaxy Bloom will be cheap.

Samsung Galaxy Fold details, price, release date



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