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Samsung Galaxy Fold details, price, release date

samsung galaxy fold
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New Samsung Galaxy Fold is going to become the most exciting smartphone in 2019. Galaxy fold is the first folding smartphone from Samsung. Also, Samsung fold is able to beat Huawei Mate X. Samsung customer-support representative also announced the release date of this foldable smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Fold already met a delay of five months due to its reliability issues now all these issues are solved and this Galaxy smartphone is going to be released on 27 September.

galaxy fold display

This folding smart-phone is very secure and light, having a 7.3-inches display. One thing I like about this smartphone is that you could fold it in half and put it in your pocket. Also, you can easily carry it in your hand.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Details

Design and display

Samsung said that “We not only changed the shape of the phone, but we also changed to the shape of tomorrow.” Mean this smartphone is going to become the first amazing foldable smart-phone in the world. Do you know the making a foldable smartphone is a very challenging task? According to TechRadar, “Galaxy fold is a phone that’s been 10 years in the making and has gone through over 1,000 different prototypes.”

When you open this smartphone you feel that you open it like your laptop. This smart-phone has 7.3-inches display and the 20-part, dual-axis hinge locks into place, which prevent you from over-extending the screen, almost rotate about 180 degrees.

A fingerprint sensor is located on the right side of the lower half. The lock and volume keys also situated at the position which is easy to reach. On the base, you will find a USB-C port. Speakers are situated at the bottom. However, there is no headphone jack in this Foldable-phone. This foldable smartphone is very thin you can easily put it into your pocket. Have 269g weight which is a bit heavy. Samsung Galaxy Fold is available in three colors: Space Sliver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green. Astro Blue.

Now let’s talk about display this smart-phone has a 7.3-inches screen with Super AMOLED panel and high HD QXGA + (2152 * 1536) display. When you fold this it becomes 4.6-inches, which is easy to put it in your pocket. This really increases graphics quality and visual experience. Galaxy Fold also gives you Cinema-grade display experience, you can see your movies and play games with incredible vibrant hues. The display is design in such a way to increase eye comfort by reducing harmful blue light.


This advanced Samsung Galaxy fold has a very high-performance rate, and have the latest Android version 9. The phone comes up with an octa-core processor and 12GB of RAM. This foldable smartphone is also support multitasking, you can run at least three apps side by side on both screens, by enabling multi-active mode. This time Samsung is giving to 512GB internal storage. I think this time Samsing gives plenty of storage for apps, games, movies, music, and photos.


Samsung Galaxy fold is come up with six camera setup, this is the most powerful camera phone. On the backside, we have three cameras, 16MP-Ultra-wide camera, 12MP-wide-angle camera, 12MP telephoto camera. One 10MP camera is situated on the front side above 4.6-inches display for the odd gratuitous selfies. While two cameras are found at the top right of the display, with 10MP selfie camera and 8MP RGB Depth camera.

samsung galaxy fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold will provide a display that doubles as a massive camera viewfinder and lets you preview the whole scene as you will capture it. It also gives you Ultra-wide Panorama mode, with its 123-degree field of vision.


This time Samsung provides the dual battery in its Galaxy fold, both batteries work as one, have 4380mAh capacity. 4380mAh battery is found in the LTE model and 4235mAh is found in the 5G model.

Also this phone has wireless power share option. Just place the device in the center of your phone to power up your Galaxy watch or Galaxy BUds on the go. Samsung Galaxy Fold also hove fast-charging system now you can 100% charge your device within an hour.

Price of Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy fold will be quite an expensive smart-phone in the market. The 4G LTE version will be available at $1,980 while 5G version of Galaxy fold will cost at well over $2,000 in the US.



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