Huawei Mate X delayed, Huawei Mate X new released date

Huawei mate x features
By Huawei

Again this time Huawei Mate X  delayed but this time Mate X will come up with new advanced features. Previously Huawei decided to release his Mate X in September but due to some issues Huawei confirms to TechRadar that “Mate X is still scheduled for launch between September and November 2019”.

Huawei mate X
By Huawei

Therefore the latest statement confirms that Mate X is still in the work. Huawei Mate X has already delay in June and shifting its releasing date in September but now due to some issues this phone is still facing a delay. According to TechRadar’s report, Huawei told him that Mate X was unlikely to launch before November.  However, Huawei has confirmed that his Mate X will launch before the end of 2019. But there is good news for Mate X lovers that this time Mate X will have advanced features.

According to TechRadar, “The Mate X engineering team had tried other refinements – including replacing the stell back with an aluminum one, which would have saved 20g off the final weight. Unfortunately this test was failed in May, because almunium is not strong enough. Mate X engineers want to make plastic OLED screens because glass can’t be folded. Another thing in this device is that only the main sim support 5G will other sim support4G, 3G and 2G.

Engineers are thinking of making the aforementioned glass back or sheet display. There are some other big challenges infornt of engineers, they need some time to make a better device.

Due to delay, Samsung wants to beat Huawei and release his foldable phone. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold will be released in September. Their foldable phone is ready but after one or two tests they release their device in the market. But I think Mate X will much better than Samsung’s foldable phone.

But I think due to these delays Huawei is making his device better and polished his user experience. We will contact Huawei and ask for the latest release date so that we can inform you about the exact date.


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Written by Nauman

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