Intel 9th Gen Core processors detail and price

intel 9th Gen processor

Finally, Intel has officially announced 9th Gen core sires processor details and price, and also announce to launch their new 10th Gen X-series and Xeon W-2200 series processors. These processors are costly than AMD processors. These new Intel 9th Gen processors bring laptop performance to a whole new level.

Intel 9th Gen Core processors performance

Intel Core-19-9980 is the fastest one among 9th Gen processor which delivers you high-class performance with up to 5.0 GHz with Intel Turbo boost 2.0, also includes 8 cores and 16 threads with intel new hyper-threading technology. This processor also gives you 16M of cache for more workloads.

This processor is specially designed for multitasking and gamers. This time intel adds a new feature in 9th Gen processors which is “Thermal Velocity Boost (intel TVB)”. This feature is found in the Core i9-9980HK processor, vPro i9-9880H processor, and intel Xeon E-2286M processor. These features automatically increase clock frequency by up to 200MHz.

Intel 9th Gen processors are very amazing for gamers. According to Intel,” Intel Optane memory M10 accelerates the loading of games and boost your games”. These 9th Gen processors have advances media technology with HEVC 10-it encode/decode, which gives you very 4k stream without any interrupt. You can also fastly edit your photos and videos.


The Price starts from $488 for the cor19-9900KF processor and ends at $122 for core 13-9100F. These chips would be ideal for those users who already have a discrete graphics card.

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