Microsoft earning grew its revenue from last year


Microsoft earning grew its revenue from last year by 12% in 2019, and this is its 6 months report.

Microsoft earning report 2018

In Microsoft annual report meeting 2018, chief Executive officer of Microsoft Satya Nadella talking on Microsoft earnings report, said that ” The breadth and depth of our mission and the trust customers are placing in us to power their digital transformation enables us to have this broad impact, and it is fueling our results.

In fiscal 2018, we delivered $110.4 billion in revenue and $35.1 billion in operating income and returned $21.5 billion to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases. Our commercial cloud business delivered more than $23 billion in revenue, exceeding the ambitious goal we had set to achieve $20 billion in annualized commercial cloud revenue by the end of fiscal 2018, nine months ahead of schedule. in addition, we expanded our commercial cloud gross margin to 57 percent, up 7 points year-over-year.”

Microsoft Earning in 2019

In 2019, Microsoft exceeds it’s earning from $110.4 billion by 12 percent. Microsoft reported its quarterly earnings on Thursday after closing the bell and posted results that easily surpassed the wall street estimate.

Before this announcement, Microsoft was already the most valuable company in the world having worth of over $1 trillion.

Here is Microsoft report 2019

  • Revenue; Microsoft earns about $125.7 billion, up to 12 percent of last year’s and its quarterly report.
  • Net income; $39.9 billion this amount is on an approximation basis, and this is up to 137 percent from last year’s period.
  • Diluted earnings; This is approximately $5.06 billion, and this is up to 138 percent of last year.

So, Microsoft is one of the most powerful companies in the world, which generates billions of dollars on its quarterly basis and shows no sign of slowing down.

Get Microsoft’s latest stock price rate here.



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