Google Pixel 4 details, price, release date, and leaks

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Google shows all leaks about his upcoming Google pixel 4. And we have all the information about Google Pixel 4 release date, price, and specs. This phone is also one of the most powerful of 2019. And this phone is going to e launch in October.

Google Pixel 4 design

Google Pixel 4 is smaller and has a sharper screen. This phone has a squad-camera set up on his backpack in a square. And this phone doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor at the back, the fingerprint sensor is found within the display screen.

And its front look is maybe bezel at the top. The phone has fully protected the glass back and their is no headphone port found on the phone. When we talk about screen Google Pixel 4 XL screen is about 6.23-inches and the Google Pixel 4 screen is 5.6 with 1440 * 3040 resolution. The phone has a 90HZ refresh rate, which gives a smooth scrolling experience.

Google Pixel 4 cameras

We can say that this phone is a great camera-phone. The phone has five cameras with two cameras on the front and three cameras on its rear. We don’t have enough information related to cameras. But according to Techradar, it includes 16MP telephoto lens, 12MP main lens, and 20x zoom lens. The three rear cameras are pack in a square along with a flashlight.

Google Pixel 4 Performance

We have heard that this phone has a Geekench benchmark, which is the top Snapdragon 855 chipset. The ram will be 6GBm and the phone will run on Android Q which is the latest Android. If we talk about performance than this is one of the leading phones. The built-in memory will be 128GB or 64GB. The battery in Google pixel 4 is not much powerful its 2800mAh for the standard model and 3,700mAh for the XL model.

Price and release date

Google has announced that they will release Google Pixel 4 in October but Google does not show the exact date. Its previous version is also launched in October 2018. And we talk about the price it cost nearly about $1,000.

$799 $489, hurry up limited time offer.


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