Nokia Reveals Plans To Make Android Lollipop Based Smartphone

Nokia has seen the flying colors of being the ruler of mobile world in some phase of time. Having given up itself to Microsoft, it seems like Nokia can’t stay away from its impression for long. Yes, this is about Nokia making a comeback, and this time with plans to launch smartphones based on Android Lollipop. The terms of Nokia’s deal with Microsoft prevent Nokia from launching any cell phone models for a certain period of time. Once that aspect of the deal expires, however, it looks like Nokia will be ready and waiting to re-enter the phone business.

Android has been the juice of more than 80 % of the smartphones in the present day market. It has turned out to be the most successful and interactive operating system that the smartphones have ever had. The formerly latest version of Android, known as Android Kitkat v4.4, has recently got a whole new successor to it, the Android Lollipop v5.0.


Nokia 1100 is the leaked device which is supposedly expected to be the new Android based smartphone by Nokia, the first of Nokia’s Android based creations. The leaked reports reveal Nokia 1100 specifications as an entry-level or mid-range smartphone running Lollipop powered by a quad-core 1.3 GHz MediaTek MT-6582 processor and inboxing 720p display with an 8 MP camera capable of 1080p HD video recording.

It’s time now to see if it’s already too late for Nokia to make a comeback or if this would be a new beginning for them. Stay tuned for more, and till then keeps your arms open and say “Welcome back Nokia”.

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Written by Nauman

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