Apple Unveils The New Smartwatch

Now just when the biggest event of mobile launch, MWC 2015, was on, Apple had reclaimed its throne to become world number one once again by beating Samsung by quite a margin. Apple’s bigger displays have definitely paid it the worth it deserved by surging the sales up the charts and regaining its throne which was recently occupied by Samsung. Apple has recently outshined in its event where it had a rainfall of products to unveil. And one of those is Apple’s wearable gear, the new iWatch.

apple iwatch features

Apple iWatch pre-orders will start April 10 for delivery on April 24 in nine countries, Apple said. Connecting to the iPhone, the Apple Watch is designed as a wrist device for messaging and calls and for a variety of health tracking apps. “With the built in speaker and microphone you can receive calls on your watch. I have been wanting to do this since I was five years old,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said.

The smartwatch is also integrated with Apple Pay’s mobile wallet, and can be used to view pictures and monitor news, and also connect to social media. The watch can use other apps ranging from Uber ride-sharing to music to home automation. Apple demonstrated using the watch to listen to music, with lyrics displayed on the watch face. The company also demonstrated an app to open a garage door from afar to let in a family member who is locked out. Apple iWatch entry price would be $349 in the United States, with costs up to $1,049 for extra features. A special solid gold limited edition will be priced from $10,000.


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Written by Nauman

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