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Samsung overtakes Apple as the top smartphone manufacturer

Samsung overtakes Apple as the top smartphone manufacturer

Canalys published a report this week that indicated Korea’s Samsung has retaken the lead and is now the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer. By the end of the first quarter, the company’s sales had accounted for over a fifth of global sales. With a market share of 22%, Samsung shipped 76.5 million smartphones in the first quarter. It was likely due to the strength of its latest Galaxy S21 flagship that its quarterly profit jumped by 66%.

In comparison, Apple had a market share of 15%, with 52.4 million iPhones. Those sales were also due to the good reception of their 5G enabled iPhone 12 lineup in China.
Furthermore, other smartphone OEMs, including Chinese brand Xiaomi had their best quarters ever. Xiaomi shipped 49 million units, a 62% rise. It now accounts for 14% of the market.
Hence, Samsung has risen to the top position, followed by Apple and Xiaomi. In terms of overall sales of smartphones, they have risen by 27% during that period, reaching 347 million units in shipments. While the market was experiencing strong performance in Q1 2021, the pace of the market is expected to slow in the coming quarter due to the lack of supply of important components, such as chips.

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