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apple arcade

If you are a gamer and have a problem with ads which show every time on your screen when you play games. Or you wanted to purchase apps at a lower price than other gaming services. And you need more games than you should buy Apple Arcade, which is a true gaming console.

In iPhone 11 event the company also talk about Apple Arcade, telling its few details and price which we will discuss today. This is the best gaming console for mobile gamers. It’s not for pc gamers and it is not an alternative to Xbox or PlayStation. This console is easily available in less budget.

Apple Arcade features

Apple Arcade is an ads-free gaming device. If you hate seeing ads than this device is perfect for you. You can play games with only one subscription. Also, the games on other services have very expensive but in this device, you can buy games at less cost. You have also an option to play games online or offline by download the game. This device has plenty off internal storage.

Apple Arcade gives you access to 100+ games only in $4.99/month after one month of free trials. You also have an option to share your subscription with your family and friends. You can also jump from your Arcade to your iPad, Mac, or Apple TV. So this is a very amazing device for gamers and children.


There are many games available on this console. But it also has some pre-install games. Like Where cards Fall: In this story hero navigates the insecurities and emotions of high school and beyond, creating paths and overcome obstacles.

The Pathless: This game base on an adventure, in which a hunter and an eagle explore a vast forested island. Leo Brawls: This one is a battle game, you can create your own characters and also play these games with your friends and family. Hot Lava: This one is also an adventure game. In which you run, jump, climb but don’t fall o the ground because it’s lava. In spite of these games, there are thousands of games available on this device. So buy Apple Arcade, play games, and enhance your gaming experience.

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