Upcoming Apple Iphone features and details

Upcoming Apple Iphone features and details

As you know Apple has a big name in the mobile phone market. And from the last many years Apple phones have high priority over other mobile phones. Now let’s discuss the upcoming Apple iPhone.

Upcoming Apple iPhone

Previously Apple launched his iPhone xs max and iPhone x which are sold around the whole world like a bullet. And do you know how many iPhones are sold? Apple does not release individual model figures on iPhone sales, but the company said in this week’s earning it sold 52.2 million iPhones, and that the iPhone X sold the most units os any iPhone model throughout the quarter.

upcoming iPhone

Now recently Apple plans to release three iPhones in the next year 2020. Including high-end 5.4 inches and long display model which will 6.7-inches with an OLED display and a lower-end-6.1-inches which is also with an OLED display. Among these 5.4 inches and 6.7 inches model will support 5G, while 6.1 inche model will support 4G LTE. But Apple said that all new models in 2021 will support 5G. And Apple will have its own 5G modem ready by 2022 to 2023.

Apple releases a special iPhone from the above three mention iPhones, In which there is a full display screen and the under-screen front camera. The analysts believe one new iPhone will be notch-less in 2020 but all of the iPhones will notch-less by 2021 and have full-screen fingerprint authentication. These iPhones will have under-screen fingerprint technology.

These three iPhones will have 3D sensing via the rear camera system, and acoustic fingerprint technology. And all have ram more than 4 Gb. In these iPhones, three back cameras will be included which enhance it’s focusing and blurring performance. But this three-camera property will only be included only in two models. But all these models will have stunning performance and will have high rates.





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