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    YouTube Finally Lets You Zoom Into Videos

    There are often times when you need to have a closer look at a video. Some apps like Telegram let you do so already, but the lack of zoom on YouTube has been disappointing, especially since it is the biggest video-sharing platform on the internet. However, the wait is finally over as YouTube has added […] More

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    TikTok Moderators Were Shown Child Sexual Abuse Videos for Training

    A new report from Forbes has shared some disturbing facts about TikTok’s moderation practices. The social media giant has reportedly been showing its moderators videos of child sexual abuse and other disturbing content for training purposes. Teleperformance is a third-party moderation company that works with TikTok among other organizations to review and regulate the app’s video content. […] More

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    How to Shift all of your Facebook Pics and Videos to Google Photos

    Facebook Photo Migration

    How to switch all of your Facebook photographs and movies to Google Photos: There’s a device or tool that makes it a snap. Facebook was once around 4 years earlier than the first Android cellphone hit the market, and that potentially many of us have images residing there that some distance predate our cloud-synced, smartphone-snapped […] More