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What is Disney Plus error code 21 and How to Fix it

What is Disney Plus error code 21

Understanding Disney Plus error code 21

Disney Plus error code 21 is one of the more common streaming errors users may encounter on the Disney+ platform. The error code indicates that the Disney+ app or website is unable to connect to the Disney+ servers to load content and stream videos/shows. This is typically caused by issues with internet connectivity, use of an unsupported or outdated device, or cache/cookie-related problems on the browser or app.

Troubleshooting steps for Disney Plus error code 21

There are a few main things you can try to resolve a Disney Plus error code 21:

Clearing cache and cookies

One potential cause is outdated cache files or cookies. Clearing these can help the app communicate smoothly with servers again.

Device Steps to clear cache
Android Settings > Apps > Disney+ > Storage > Clear cache
iOS Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Disney+ > Offload App
Web browser Ctrl+Shift+Delete > Clear browsing data

Checking internet connection

Error 21 often means the Disney+ servers cannot be reached. Check for any issues with WiFi connection speed or stability.

Restarting router

If other devices work fine but one keeps erroring, restarting the router may resolve any local network issues.

Contacting support

If issues persist after troubleshooting, Disney+ support can help diagnose further.

Devices compatible with Disney Plus

Disney Plus error code 21

Disney+ is available on a wide variety of devices and platforms, though compatibility can vary. In general, any recent version of a web browser or the listed mobile/TV/game Console apps should work without problem. However, some older/unsupported devices may result in error 21. The full list of supported devices can be found on Disney’s website.

How to check if Disney Plus is down

If error 21 occurs across multiple devices simultaneously, it’s possible Disney+ is experiencing an outage rather than an individual issue. Websites like Downdetector aggregate user reports to monitor the real-time status of popular services. Checking sites like this can tell you if others are also affected, in which case waiting for services to resume is the only solution.

Here are a few ways you can check the service status of Disney+ to see if there are any known outages:

  • Visit the Disney+ Help Center status page – Disney maintains a page at that provides up-to-the-minute information on the service status of Disney+. It will called out any current or resolving issues.
  • Check social media – Disney+ has official Twitter, Facebook, and other accounts that often communicate about outages or problems. Following them can help you stay informed.
  • Use a third-party site – Sites like aggregate user reports to track the real-time performance of various online services. You can search for Disney+ on there to see if others are reporting connection issues that may indicate an outage.
  • Test streaming on multiple devices – If error 21 or other streaming problems occur across your phone, tablet, computer and smart TV simultaneously, that points more to a Disney+ infrastructure problem rather than an individual device issue.
  • Contact Disney+ support – If you can’t find status information indicating an outage, speaking to a Disney+ representative may help confirm if they are seeing widespread streaming issues on their end.

Checking via the official status page and third-party monitoring sites is usually the easiest way to get a sense of Disney+’s overall service performance at any given time.

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Contact Disney Plus support

If you’ve exhausted all the troubleshooting steps above and are still seeing error code 21, it’s time to contact Disney Plus support for assistance. They may be able to further diagnose any network, device compatibility, or account issues preventing streaming.

You can find Disney Plus support contact information on their help center page. Options include:

  • Online chat and messaging
  • Telephone support (available seven days a week)
  • Email support
  • Social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter

Have your Disney Plus login details, device/browser info, and error messages handy when contacting support. This will help them evaluate your problem more quickly.

Disney Plus streaming issues by device

Certain devices seem to cause error 21 more often than others. Here are some device-specific notes:

Device Common issues
Smart TV apps Outdated TV firmware can break compatibility
Web browsers Ad blockers may interfere, try different browsers
Gaming consoles Infrequently used consoles have higher cache problems
Mobile devices Delete app cache if storage space is low

Common Disney+ Error codes

Here are some more common Disney+ error codes along with potential solutions:

Error 21: Unable to connect to Disney+ servers. Usually fixed by clearing app/browser cache, restarting router, or checking for outages.

Error 83: The internet connection was lost. Check internet connection and try streaming again once it’s restored.

Error 84: Unable to access Disney+ content. Restart devices, clear app data/cache, change home WiFi channel, or contact support.

Error 85: Content licensing restrictions. Check that your Disney+ subscription and device are in a supported region.

Error 86: Optimizing video playback failed. This can happen with weak internet. Wait a bit and retry streaming at a lower resolution.

Error 87: Problems with digital rights management (DRM). Sign out and back into Disney+ app, or reinstall if issue persists.

Error 182: This device is not authorized to play videos. Contact support to add your device to your account.

Black screen on startup: Force stop and clear cache for app, or reboot mobile device or streaming platform.

Choppy or laggy video: Lower video resolution or close other apps using bandwidth on your WiFi network.

Hope this overview of additional common errors helps if you run into any playback issues on Disney+! Let me know if any need further troubleshooting suggestions.

When is Disney Plus experiencing outages?

While individual issues cause most error codes, Disney Plus can sometimes face widespread outages that prevent streaming site-wide. This usually occurs during peak times when network capacity is maxed out:

  • Major new release days (like new movie/show Premieres)
  • Holiday viewing periods around Christmas, New Year’s, etc.
  • Weekends in the evening are busiest times

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why does error 21 happen intermittently?

Intermittent error 21 issues are usually due to temporary connectivity drops, low bandwidth, or cache file corruption. Restarting affected devices often resolves it.

Is error 21 a disney plus problem or an internet problem?

It can potentially be caused by either Disney Plus service outages or problems on the user’s internet connection. Checking service status sites helps narrow it down.

How long does it take for disney plus support to respond?

Wait times may vary depending on current call volume, but on average you can expect an initial response from support within 24 hours via chat, email, or callback.

That covers the main steps to identify and resolve a Disney Plus error code 21. Let me know if any other questions come up!


Disney Plus error code 21 is a frustrating but usually straightforward issue to resolve for users of the popular streaming service. By troubleshooting connection problems, clearing app cache, ensuring compatibility with supported devices and browsers, and checking for potential network-level outages, the underlying causes of the error can typically be identified and addressed. For persistent cases, Disney Plus customer support is available to provide personalized troubleshooting assistance over the phone, online chat or email. With some basic debugging steps and patience, subscribers can often solve error code 21 independently and get back to enjoying their Disney+ content quickly. Staying informed of new device approvals and service updates also helps prevent compatibility problems down the line.

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