‘SAP Driving Digital Transformation for Progress in Pakistan’

Saquib Ahmad, Country Managing Director, SAP Pakistan, held a media meet-up at a local hotel to apprise the press of the impact and contribution of SAP’s operations in Pakistan.

SAP is deeply-rooted in all segments of business and operations. For Pakistan, it has been instrumental in shaping and expanding the industry to create a global footprint for commerce and business.

The avenue created an excellent opportunity for Ahmad to showcase and explain SAP’s contribution and ongoing enrichment of the business operations of their clients, large and small.

“From industries producing household products to automobile and energy industry, education networks, pharmaceutical companies, and textile hubs, SAP has proven to be the success factor in enabling them with expansion and efficiency towards meeting targets and widening the horizon,” Saquib said.

He further added that the list of clients for SAP Pakistan varied from conglomerates to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and SAP was equipped to provide a tailor-made solution to consolidate all the requirements of the client and enhance it to achieve the desired vision.

He validated this further by relaying the example of a retail store that utilized the services of SAP and grew from a single unit to a national-level entity.

He was clear on SAP Pakistan’s vision. Profound yet simple, to help the world run better and improve people’s lives better. SAP, through their software, ensures a design and workflow that impacts the lives of the users (company and customers) most positively.

Answering one of the questions from the media regarding the security of sensitive information, Ahmad elaborated, “SAP ensures and controls security at all levels. We guarantee full compliance with all governmental protocols. SAP’s strength lies in its efficient supply chain that expedites and delivers on time.”

Ahmad emphasized the support provided to the economy by SAP. It enables economic expansion and creates more employment opportunities. The digital transformation provided by SAP helps create a larger international footprint for Pakistan.

Presently, SAP holds a 70% market share for digital and IT-related services in all realms of business, industry, and education and is working towards an energized ecosystem for technology-driven Pakistan with a global presence.

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Written by Nauman

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