TECNO Donates ‘Tons’ of Food Supplies to Flood Victims Under #TECNOFundsForFlood Campaign

Pakistan has been hit with unprecedented and devastating floods, which have caused a significant loss in life, means of sustenance, and property.

To cope with this, TECNO Mobile has dived in to rescue flood victims in Pakistan, providing them with tons of food supplies, shelter, and health kits in Sindh.

The most disastrous floods in the history of Pakistan washed away villages, leaving over 30 million people in need of aid and support.

In these tiring times, TECNO Pakistan, along with its staff members, initiated a #TECNOFundsForFlood campaign to provide flour, sugar, rice, and other life supplies to the severely impacted areas of Mirpurkhas districts and other surrounding areas of Umarkot and Kunri.

The CEO of TECNO Mobile, Kelvin Zeng, conveyed his sympathy and prayers for the flood victims. He further added thousands of individuals, including their team members, customers, and other Pakistanis, had been affected by this catastrophic event.

He stated, “TECNO has always tried to play a positive role for Pakistan and its citizens. Now is the time to come together and support each other in these difficult times. We’re honored to offer our help and services to the people in need.”

TECNO’s flood donation campaign has attracted attention for encouraging individuals to act independently, such as the donation drive to travel to the area and give supplies directly to the victims.

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Written by Nauman

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